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PDMAC2812R : PRO Lucky No.7824 Protect from Ghosts & Add More Good Luck! Tao Wet Su Wan (Guardian Angel) bottom filled holy mass (LP Lee, Wat Pa PuPaDaeng, Udontani Province)
with Katha: TW_Master

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Size 1 cm x 2.2 cm


**Note to Pending Order: Due to rare item and fast allocate in amulet market, we can hold order only 1-3 days. Thank you.

Don’t miss Worshipful Amulet from Holy Vipassana Monk!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Tao Wet Su Wan (Guardian Angel) bottom filled holy mass

From: LP Lee, Wat Pa PuPaDaeng, Udontani Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Kam Koon Perm Poon Noon Duang Setthi

Kam Koon = Increase Luck and Riches
Perm Poon = Accumulate Money and Properties
Noon Duang = Enhance Horoscope
Setthi = millionaire

So, who worships this amulet will have more luck, riches, money, properties and become a millionaire.

Year: B.E.2557 (C.E.2014)
Size: 1 x 2.2 cm

Material: Cast by hand from Multi Bronze (Chanuan Samrit)

Build: 559 pcs.

Present: Bottom filled with holy mass.

Purpose of Making: to make money for developing and restoring Wat Pa PuPaDaeng.

Ceremony: LP Lee properly blessed this amulet with mantra and mindstream on the auspicious date at Wat Pa PuPaDaeng.

Power: Tao Wet Su Wan , a God of Giants is one of the great protector of Buddha and the human world, residing in the Northern Quarter of Maha Jadturachiga Celestial Realm. His name means ‘god of gold’. He is praised as Lord of Riches and Commands all Ghosts Demons and Monsters. Protection from Evil Beings and Black Magic, and bestow immense Wealth, Fortune and Ascendancy. Also, Removing inauspiciousness and spritual assaults.

In addition, some Thai people used Tao Wet Su Wan image to put near the children's bed to prevent evil spirits from harassing the child.

Biography of LP Lee, Wat Pa PuPaDaeng, Udontani Province:

LP Lee is a famous guru monk. He stays at Wat Pa PuPaDaeng in Udontani Province. He is a good monk. He is a disciple of Luang Ta Maha Bua. He loves dharma and meditation. He was born on Monday the 14th September 1922 in Loei Province. LP Lee got ordained in 1949. After ordination, he set his heart on learning dharma and meditation. He went on a pilgrimage to many parts of Thailand. At last, he became enlightened in dharma and meditation. He has strong mind power. He knows his own story in the previous life. Nowadays, he teaches people dharma and meditation. A lot of people love and respect him. Moreover, his amulets are very powerful and wanted by a lot of people.

LP Lee peacefully passed away on 3 November B.E.2561 (C.E.2018)

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