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PDMAC2466 : PRO Lucky No.7824 Alpaca Lucky Wind Turbine Pendant (KB AriyaChat, Wat Saeng Kaeo Phothiyan, Chiang Rai province)
with Katha: Buddha_KBAriyaChat

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Size 1.5 x 1.5 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Lucky Wind Turbine Pendant **Bringing Good Luck to a Wearer!
- Made of alpaca
- Create only 999 pieces

(usage: Put with a necklace.)

Why Not to Miss!
- Created by reliable monk
- Amulet from holy ceremony
- Amulet authentic from temple

Size: 1.5 x 1.5 cm

From: KB AriyaChat, Wat Saeng Kaeo Phothiyan, Chiang Rai province

Origin: Thailand

Release Year: 2558 B.E. (2015 C.E.)

Kruba AriyaChat is an adolescent well-behaved monk whom Northern people highly respect. He is believed as a representative of Kruba Srivichai, great revered monk of the North.

Kruba AriyaChat had performed blessing ceremony of this amulet with other experienced Northern guru monks at Wat Saeng Kaeo Phothiyan, Chiang Rai province on the auspicious date and time.

Proceeds from this will be used on temple development and restoration.

About Guru Monk:
Kruba AriyaChat was born on Friday the 9th January 2524 B.E. (1981 C.E.) in Chaing Mai Province. He got ordained when he was 17 in 2541 B.E. (1998 C.E.). After ordination, he learnt magic from KB ChanTip who was a former abbot of Wat ChaiChana. Then, KB AriyaChat went to learn magic from KB Thueang of Wat Den Sali Mueang Gan and other top monks in the north of Thailand. KB AriyaChat is an expert in making Takrut which is very popular and has limited edition. Moreover, Thai people believe KB Sivichai (the great northern monk in the past) was reborn as KB AriyaChat. KB AriyaChat is a good monk who keeps on good way of KB Sivichai. KB AriyaChat holds strong intention of conserving Buddhism.

About Kruba Srivichai:
Kruba Srivichai is a venerable Buddhist monk in Thai history who led people to build the road to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, the temple where Buddha relics are situated on Doi Suthep (mountain), Chiang Mai province.
Kruba Srivichai was born on 21 June 2411 B.E. (1868 C.E.) in Lamphun province. He became a Buddhist novice at the age of 17 studying Dharma. At the age of 20, he got ordained as a monk.
In the past, it was very difficult for people to reach Doi Suthep. The path was narrow and bumpy. On foot, the journey took about five hours to reach the top of Doi Suthep. In 2477 B.E. (1934 C.E.), Kruba Srivichai came to Chiang Mai to initiate the road construction project. Jow Kaew Nawarat, the ruler of Chiang Mai at that time performed the groundbreaking ceremony. When the news of road construction of Kruba Srivichai spread around, thousands of people from Northern provinces came to join.
Kruba Srivichai passed away on 20 February 2481 B.E. (1938 C.E.) at the age of 60. His bones were placed in the stupa at Wat Jammathewi, Lamphun province.

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