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Directmall > No.764: AJ Phoom Phanprai **Charm & Luck > PDMAC2443R
PDMAC2443R : Special Price The Best Charm! OngKru Lady 9 Tails Fox Locket (AJ Phoom Phanprai)
with Katha: AJPhoom_Charm

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Powerful Magical Item by Professional

100% Authentic from Occult Master

Name: OngKru Lady 9 Tails Fox Locket

From: AJ Phoom Phanprai

Year: B.E.2540 (C.E.1997)

Origin: Thailand

Material: enameled cased filled with holy mass with Nam Man Duen Pen (Oil)

Present: Backside embedded charm oil bottle and holy powder in bottle with 2 pcs. takrut and red gem.

Ceremony: The amulet was well consecrated by AJ Phoom.

Power: outstanding in charm, ties the hearts of the opposite sex very well and also adds aura in himself Makes people who meet him always passionate and miss

About Guru Master:

Ajarn Phoom (Master Phoom Phanprai) is a skilled guru master who devotes himself to magic world with faith.
According to his profile, AJ Phoom is very interested in magic. He travels a lot to learn mantra not only in Thailand but other countries: Myanmar, India, Nepal and Bhutan. AJ Phoom was born in a rich family. Before he was born, his mother dreamt of the black deity holding a trident saying the baby was born to help people. Surprisingly, AJ Phoom got a trident birthmark on his forehead when he was a baby and became fader when he grew up.
AJ Phoom does not study specific magic. He studies any kind of magic which he is interested particularly Indian, Mayan, Islamic magic because he has faith in Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali. Every time he consecrates amulets, he always invites Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali to bring more power.
Every amulet, AJ Phoom participates in production every step. He uses his own money to make amulets. So, the amount is not much. He never cares about profit. He says he makes amulets because he wants to do and to apply his magical knowledge.
AJ Phoom is modest and honest. He does not want to be presented. He says he is happy to be anonymous. AJ Phoom always says when using his amulets not to think of him but appreciate the favor of parents, Lord Shiva and Goddess Gali.

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