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PDMAC2208 : Prime Collection B.E.2494 Phra Leela with Bodhi leaf shape - amulet for Protect, Luck, Fortune & Peace (LP Supot, Wat Suthat, Bangkok)
with Katha: SD_Master
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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: B.E.2494 Phra Leela with Bodhi leaf shape

- Phra Leela is name of Buddha with beautiful gesture.

- Bodhi leaf represents the event of enlightenment of Buddha.

From: LP Supot, Wat SuThat, Bangkok

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2495 (C.E.1952)

For Your Information:

LP Supot of Wat Suthat (his full name : Phrakhru Buddhamonvarajarn) was skilled, but did not show off. He knew how to make holy powder from an ancient textbook of Wat Suthat. LP Supot was also a friend of LP Nak and LP Hin (both abbots of Wat Rakhang).

Material: This amulet was built at Wat Suthat. LP Supot took a large number of broken Phra Somdej Wat Rakang to grind it into fine powder and printed it again, and to pay homage to Somdej Phra Patriarch Phae to ask for permission to bring the monks to chant in the ceremony along with various sacred amulets.

Purpose of Making: This Buddha amulet was created to give out people who donated to temple.

Ceremony: This amulet was properly blessed by LP Supot of Wat SuThat and reverend monks of that age.

Power of this amulet: protection, luck, fortune, peacefulness.

Present: Backside of amulet has holy yant stamped in the mass.

Information of Phra Leela:
Phra Leela is the image of the Buddha representing his descent from theTavatimsha Heaven, to which he had risen in order to preach to his mother. Normally it is in the form of a figure that seems to have come to a momentary pause mid-stride, one heel raised while the other foot is firmly planted on the ground, one hand lifted in a gesture of giving instruction or dispelling fear, while the other arm is naturally at its side. This is also known as Abbhaya mudra, the mudra of no fear. In Theravadan Buddhism, a mudra is a symbolic gesture or symbol. This gesture of Phra Leela means dispelling of fear, peace, protection as well as benevolence.

History of Wat SuThat:
Wat Suthat is on Bamrung Muang Road and is famous for the excellent murals created in the reign of King Rama III. The Wihara (preaching hall) should be seen for its collection of gilded Buddha images. A huge door with intricate carving, which is the masterpiece of King Rama II, once belonged to this temple and is now kept in the National Museum. In front of the temple is the Giant Swing or Sao Ching Cha, where a Bra manic ceremony had taken place until the early 20th century. Many nearby shops stock a very comprehensive range of Buddhist religious supplies

Wat Suthat was constructed in 1807 after the 27th anniversary of the founding of Bangkok by King Rama I. The main Wihan is surrounded by a cirulambutory area of three levels. On the uppermost level are mounted small chapels for each of its fours corners. Phra Sisakayamuni, the main Buddha image, is larger and older than any other bronze cast Buddha image in Thailand. The base of the image is 6.25 metres wide and has a height of 8 metres.

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Amulets by LP Supot, Wat Suthat, Bangkok

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Prime Collection B.E.2494 Phra Leela with Bodhi leaf shape - amulet for Protect, Luck, Fortune & Peace
with Katha SD_Master

LP Supot, Wat Suthat, Bangkok

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Prime Collection King of Thai Amulets B.E.2500 Phra Somdej Kaiser - best Protection from Dangerous
with Katha SD_Master

LP Supot, Wat Suthat, Bangkok

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