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No.1388: LP Lersi Morakot **Charm & Wealth

LP Saeng, Wat Sompoi, Buriram Province

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PDMAC2071R : B.E.2484 First Batch 7 Cemeteries Soil Phra Khun Paen Indo Chin B.E.2484 with Certificate from TPC (LP Tae, Wat Sam Ngam, Nakhon Pathom Province)
with Katha: KP_LPTae_IndoChin

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Don’t miss Best Strong Amulet by Top Occult Monk of Thailand!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: First Batch 7 Cemeteries Soil Phra Khun Paen Indo Chin B.E.2484 with Certificate from TPC

**This amulet comes with Certificate of Authenticity issued by Tha Phrachan (TPC) where is a famous verifying amulet company in Thailand.

From: LP Tae, Wat Sam Ngam, Nakhon Pathom Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2484 (C.E.1941)

Size: 2.6 x 4.2 cm

Material: LP Tae created this amulet from material of Guman Thong first batch such as 7 cemetery soil, 7 salt lick soil, 7 pier soil, 7 garden soil, 7 farm soil, 7 rice field soil, moss of 7 Sema (Buddhist boundary stone), etc, ashes and bone of the decease.

Purpose of Making: to give out soldiers who attended Indochina War in 1941.

Ceremony: LP Tae strongly blessed amulet with mantra and mindstream long by himself.

Powerful: Phra Khun Paen with Guman amulet by LP Tae is very well-known in Thailand and abroad because when worship this amulet will more charm, sex appeal, attractive and success in negotiation. Moreover, this amulet is the best of protection.

**This amulet has experience especially some soldiers who wore this amulet and battled in Indochina war came back home safely.

**Tip for Male Charm: Any male owner if want to have great sex appeal towards ladies and successfully flirt, instruction says have to get amulet upside down and hang on neck. It needs a special ring at bottom to hang amulet upside down (get base to top, Buddha head to bottom).

Biography of LP Tae:

LP Tae is well-known for making 'Guman Thong'. The first temples in Thailand to make 'Guman Thong' are Wat Sahm Ngahm and Wat Takong.

LP Tae was born on 15 September 1891 at Nakhon Pathom province. From the age of seven years he was stayed with his Uncle Daeng, who was a monk at Wat Gahlong in Samutsakorn province, where LP Tae first started to study knowledge of Dhamma. At the age of 10 he returned with Luang Phor Daeng to their home village, to construct a new temple 20KM south at Tambon Don Pusah. In 1904, the newly built temple was moved from Tambon Don Pusah to Tambon Sam Nagm, and the temple was known as Wat Sam Nagm.
LP Tae was novice at the age of 15 for studying Dharma and magic under his uncle until the age of 20 when he was finally ordained as a monk. LP Tae eventually was to become the close disciple of LP Tah, of Wat Panaengtak who was knowledge of Dhamma and Sammahdti. LP Tae would accompany his Master whenever he went Tudung, until such time that LP Tae had gained sufficient experience to go alone. After LP Tah passed away, LP Tae had learned such art from LP Chaem of Wat Takong and also an unnamed monk from Cambodia. LP Tae passed away on 25 December 1981 at the age of 90.

**Experiences of LP Tae’s amulets **

1. In the past, I worked at Pratunam and got to know an elder. He only hung most of the amulets from Phetchaburi. So I told him to use some amulets. Therefore let him carry Takrut sam hoo And Pirod Khean (Arms) then when the year 2534 happened, it was collapsed, but he survived alone, not likely to survive, but survived with both entering and not entering. Under the belt is where the legs of the projectile shoot in, but above the belt is the torso. Under the belt is the leg area, the gun shoots in, but above the belt is the torso. I can't go in at all, I believe 100% that Takrut sam hoo And Pirod Khean (Arms) by LP Tae are protected.


2. I have had personal experience in 2005 and have been shot and shot by a criminal. But no bullets hit at all, and in 1999 a car accident fell over and fell into the canal Drowned, choked on the mud and lost consciousness. How long do not know Until someone came and saw him take him to the ICU room Recuperating in the hospital for 7 days, in the body there is a monk of Luang Por T Phra Kring Suan Tao Year 1957, Silver Material Buddha amulet of 1973, built on the occasion of the 80th anniversary and the back of the tiger balm cartridge only. Surviving is very incredible.


3. There was one soldier named Chalo, who was at the intersection of Bang Khun Phrom, Bangkok, bringing the powder that you ordered. As a souvenir to give away at their own retirement Come to Luang Pho Te to help chant By taking it to the front of the monk Luang Pho Tae, he used his gaze to gaze at the crate containing sacred objects Without holding the crate at all For a while Blowing in the air in a row at the crate Was finished the ceremony, so Sergeant Chalo saw so His heart thought that LP Tae was belittled and said that he was fleeting Will it work? Before returning with dissatisfaction Then bring the crate of sacred objects To shoot at the bottom of the river behind the temple Bird cock pulls a revolver trigger. Aiming at the crate of that sacred object Appeared the bird that was cocking, it stuck. But when I turned to the other way The gun flashed immediately, causing him to be shocked, so he hurried back to pay respect to Luang Por T. Offended Since then You have faith in LP Tae Te very much. Come to attend the Wai Kru ceremony at the temple almost every year.


4. Story is that This child is actually a Chinese friend for rent. But when I got it, I really liked it, but I had to give up on him. In which, before I let a friend go, I told Pediatrics that if he finished helping his work and wanted to come back, he would come back by himself Before my friend got this child, he had a problem with the building that was cheated and will be confiscated within the next 3 months, worth about 6 hundred million baht. When the elder Kumarn went, he started on asking to get the building back. At that time, there was little hope left because the opposition was so big and he had already lost in the Court of First Instance and in the middle court would have lost again. But the unexpected happened: He met someone with better connections and thought he could help, and many strange events began to happen until. The case of the case began to change for the better. The missing documents were found. And can negotiate with the court Until being able to seize more than a year until enough to find and prepare new evidence to fight more cases Until recently, he was close to winning the case and getting the building back within 1-2 This month, and most importantly, the value of his building has now reached a billion baht. So he thought of giving Pediatrics to give someone who helped him as a gift to show kindness. But when the person who helped him, Pediatric for less than 2 days, began to have a headache so much that he can hardly live. Go to the doctor, the doctor did not know what was. After 1 week I started to have a heavy fever. Until his mother was hospitalized, he was confident that the pediatrician would not want to be with him. So I took it back to my friend. When I got back just one night, the symptoms started to occur. The fever almost reached 40 degrees, he began to think that Pediatric didn't want to be with him, so he called and asked him to give me. Which is surprising that before he called me, I was thinking of this little boy Soon he called. So I changed this name of brother to "Phan Lan"


5. Has an actor and singer named "Wanchai Phongsomphet" who is grateful to one of the parents And also help make other merits requested by the temple or agency, and also help clean the coffin for the needy Nobody knows by the name mentioned. If you say the name "Jo Jo Is" or "Jo Jo Yee" Baan Kumanthong "has faith and faith in Luang Por Tae's golden child Because he rented the worship to the food store that he opened, making it good for business, at that time, he went to do a restaurant in Kamphaeng Phet Province, but had to break up because no one took care of her old mother. Returning to Bangkok again, he became a singer at Phetchaburi Road Entertainment Center And Ratchadapisek And has entered the entertainment industry and singing is a career that I love to work with and still do not forget about Kumarnthong because it makes them have a better life, respectively. One example is "at the end of 2011, there was a huge flood of houses where Bang Bua Thong lived there. Seeing that the flood tends to flood more, the family moved to a temporary place to stay, but Kumarnthong, Luang Pho Te and Luang Por Pu were left in the house, so they could not be taken out. One night, the residents of the same village went outside and returned to Ban Ton's house. Aes had a very bright light, as if people lived in the house even though the house had cut off the power When the water receded, the person who saw the truth asked Jojo East replied that he had gone out and just returned. It is an inconclusive miracle and is also a personal belief.


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