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PDMAC1986R : Worthy Collectible B.E.2552 LP Pian Enameled Silver Medal -Token of Kathin batch with beautiful casing (LP Pian, Wat GernGaTin, Lopburi Province )
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master
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Size medal 2.1 x 2.8 cm


100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: B.E.2552 LP enameled silver Pian medal with beautiful casing

Serial Number: 220

Material: enameled silver

Size: medal 2.1 x 2.8 cm

From: LP Pian, Wat GernGaTin, Lopburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch : token of Kathin

Year: B.E.2552 (C.E.2009)

Purpose of Making : to earn donations to develop and restore old buildings in Wat GernGaTin.

Ceremony: LP Pian strongly blessed this medal with mantra and mindstream for a period of time.

Power: LP Pian medal is good to worship. Specially, LP Pian set his heart on blessing in order to make a powerful talisman to protect worshiper from dangers and bad invisible things, and moreover help believers successfully pass a problem and ensure approaching good luck, fortune and prosperity in life.

Present: Backside of the medal has holy yant to increase the power.

About the Guru Monk:
LP Pian, an abbot of Wat GernGaTin, Lopburi Province is a very sacred and respectable guru monk. LP Pian is a senior guru monk in Lopburi, Central Thailand. He was born in 2470 B.E. (1927 C.E.) in Lopburi. He got ordained as a Buddhist monk on 4 Aug. 2519 B.E. (1976 C.E.) at Wat Gamphaeng in his hometown. After that, he moved to Wat GernGaTin in the same Province and has been here until present.

At Wat GernGaTin, LP Pian met LP Parn, an abbot at that time. LP Parn was Cambodian. He was expert at Khmer magic. So, LP Pian had chance to learn magic from LP Parn. Actually, LP Pian’s father had magical knowledge and taught it to LP Pian, his son. So, LP Pian could review magical knowledge he had got. Not only magic but LP Parn also taught LP Pian meditation. Meditation develops mindfulness that is the beginning of wits. LP Parn always emphasized LP Pian to see importance of mindfulness. LP Parn taught LP Pian that doing anything successfully, person need to be determined and have good mindfulness. This is LP Pian’s motto of life.

In other words, LP Pian learnt many useful things from LP Parn including Visha (magic). Practicing meditation intensively, LP Pian had strong mindfulness and progressed in Visha very much. LP Pian then wanted to use his magical competence to help people, so he made it concrete. Those days, LP Pian helped people who were affected by black magic, obsessed by spirits and had serious illness. For illness case, LP Pian cured people by using herbs. His ability was talked by people and soon LP Pian became famous.

LP Pian told the beginning of his amulets that in the past, while he walking to the temple, he saw man stabbed to death. When he got the temple, he had idea of making an amulet for people so that they would be safe. His first amulet was Takrut. How to make Takrut powerful, LP Pian had to dive to inscribe Yant (cabalistic characters) on Takrut (a metal sheet before being rolled). Sure, he did that underwater. This type of consecration is regarded very holy. Not many guru monks do this.

LP Pian is respected by many people because he is a good monk. LP Pian uses all proceeds from amulets on developing and restoring the temple.

**Experience Talks!

This is one of many experience stories of holiness of the amulets by LP Pian.

In 2553 B.E. (2010 C.E.), a newspaper published a wonderful story of a man who survived from being shot. A man wearing LP Pian medal was shot by chance in the battle of guys. He was shocked thinking he had to die. When he was out of there, he opened his shirt, he was surprised because he had only a bruise on his breast.

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