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PDMAC1971Rb : BEST of LP Phina: B.E.2530 Phra Sutra Pim Yai (big imprint) with rear gem (LP Phina, Wat SanomLaos, Saraburi Province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPPhina
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Size 2.5 cm x 3.4 cm


100% Authentic from Temple

Name: B.E.2530 Phra Sutra Pim Yai (big imprint) with rear gem

Color : brown

From: LP Phina, Wat SanomLaos, Saraburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2530 (C.E.1987)

Size: 2.5 cm x 3.4 cm

Material: this amulet created from great blessed powder of LP Phina

Ceremony: LP Phina strongly blessed Phra Sutra with mantra and mind stream.

After finishing blessing, LP Phina manifested the power of amulet by using sand. Anyone who received this amulet from LP Phina was asked to lie face up and hold amulet in hands. Then LP Phina scattered sand on eyes of them (1 Foot length from LP’s hand and eyes of people), but sand went out another way as if having invisible hands protected their eyes.

Powerful: Whoever has this amulet is like having angels always protect and support life. That is because LP Phina was a holy monk and held many miracles such as holy utterance.

**This Phra Sutra amulet is the best amulet of LP Phina that LP Phina said power is greater than star because the power covers all aspects and there are 12 angels taking care of amulet so whoever worships can feel confident of good luck, good business, Metta (people kindness), disasters and other harmful incidents.

**Phra Sutra is type of Buddha amulet in posture of MahaJakkaphat, the great emperor holding rowel at his chest the same posture as Pang Parb Phrayachomphubodee in which Buddha transferred himself to an emperor representing meaning of greatness and success.

**Under Buddha has Phra Mae Torranee, Buddhist land goddess in posture of squeezing her wet hair to help stop fire when Mara (demon) disturbing Buddha from enlightenment. Her posture represents the defeating Mara (demon) including enemies and any obstruction. Next to Phra Mae Torranee is Phra Mae Phosop, goddess of rice in Thai folk which represents wealth and abundance of food consumption.

**Backside has image of Phra Sangkajjai Buddha of Wealth and Happiness and heart yantra of Phra Sivali the enlightened disciple of Buddha who received praised as “Best Monk of Fortune”. Bottom has number 1 and 2 that means the Sun and the Moon representing Yin-Yang or daytime and nighttime.

Biography of LP Phina Piyatharo:
His former name was Tawai Hansarigij. He was born on 1st March 2456 BE. at Ban Hua Lamphong, Tup-Tan District, Uthaithani Province.
When he was young, he had incurable congenital disease what will convulse when we cried.
Although his mother took him to see a doctor for cure but he was not better until his mom took him to meet LP Sin, abbot of Wat Nong Tao, Nonekiilek, Muang District, Uthaithani Province. LP Sin said his Tawai named is misfortune so LP Sin renamed him to “Phina” which from “Pin” (mean Turn one’s face, veer, be apathetic and break off relation with), after that his illness was better.
2481 BE. His father was sick and passed away. He became a novice for dedicate merit to his dad. Afterwards he ordained at Wat Nhong Tao by Phra Kru Udomkunaporn, monk dean of Tubtan District who was preceptor and Phra Maha Amnuai was a declaration teacher. The during Phra Phina asked abbot for stay at Wat Kohtaepo, Manorom District, Chainart Province in Buddhist Lent. He was study from LP Kum about Human and animal are born, old, sick and pass away.
2481 BE. He passed the third grade of religious student and went for pilgrimage and meditiation at Wat Thun Ta ko Buddha So Pha, Tahvung District, Lopburi Province.After that he went in every place for pilgrimage such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia, etc.
2485 BE. Phra Phina studied and practice meditation with LP Mun of Wat Par Sutthawas, Sakolnakorn Province, LP Fun Arjaro, LP Mahabua Yannasumpanno and many great monks.
2527 BE. LP Phina was pilgrimage to ancient Temple of Ban Sanom Laos Kao Bod, Kork yae, Nhong Kae District, Saraburi Province. There’s deserted temple but has place for practice meditation. Villagers invited him to stay in this temple. The present time this temple is Wat SanomLaos where registed by Fine Arts Department. LP Phina has ever said with his disciples, this place is suitable for die. Then he assigned them to prepare place for him where is down is bath and upper is coffin which is Dharma puzzle mean who is over the water such as 4 kinds of Lotus and over death.
A place for keep LP Phina’s body, his disciples built Chedi height is 10 M. which shape similar Phra Pathom Chedi cover it. Front of it has LP Phina’s photo, under it has water with many fishes. Everyday his followers are come to worship his body. LP Phina passed away in B.E.2545 (C.E.2002) while practicing meditation.

LP Phina’s Supernaturals:
There are many supernaturals of LP Phina, but since LP Phina refused any media to interview about his supernaturals and LP Phina did not care about praises, so we know the stories from only direct disciples who saw wonderful events with LP Phina for example LP Phina blessed sand to reject voodoo for disciple. LP put sand in a bucket of water. Then LP immersed his bard hand in water and using mind stream to get sand for each handful. When touching LP Phina’s hand, it was dry without any drop of water. LP did until it ran out of sand in bucket- this story happened around B.E.2542 (C.E.1999).

Another story happened in B.E.2536 (C.E.1993), LP Phina told LP Khwan Phichit and his close people that money value will doubly go up. Some wise disciple knew and bought a lot of dollar banknotes. When reach B.E.2540 (C.E.1997), the dollar got higher rate from 1 Dollar per 24 Baht became 1 Dollar per 50 Baht. The disciple who collected dollar banknotes became rich man and brought cash one million Baht to donate LP Phina.

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