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PDMAC1765 : PRO Lucky No.5989 B.E.2537 Buddha of Survival Phra Rod Lamphun holy soil amulet by KB DuangDee (KB DuangDee, Wat Tha ChamPee, Chiangmai province)
with Katha: Buddha_KBDuangDee

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Size 1.2 cm 2.3 cm


Good occasion to worship strong powerful Buddha amulet

100% Authentic from temple

Name: B.E.2537 Phra Rod Lamphun holy soil amulet

From: KB DuangDee, Wat Tha ChamPee, Chiangmai province

Material: KB DuangDee created this Buddha amulet from many holy soils.

Year: B.E.2537 (C.E.1994)

Size: 1.2 cm 2.3 cm

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: donate the money from amulet to create pavilion to keep Buddha statue.

Ceremony: KB DuangDee properly blessed this Buddha amulet with mantra and meditative mind stream.

Powerful: Phra Rod Lamphun amulet by KB DuangDee is one well-known in Thailand with power that can help worshiper from dangerous, obstacle, spirit and bad things.

For your information: FYI: Phra Rod is regarded as the oldest and the most famous amulets. It is believed that the first batch of Phra Rod was made during Hariphunchai period over 1,300 years ago. At that time, Harichunchai Kingdom was a part of Lanna Thai. Phra Rod is a part of Benjaphakhi (5 best amulets of Thailand) which is the rarest and the most expensive. Nowadays, Phra Rod is still sought by many amulet collectors in Thailand and abroad.

Phra Rod Wat Mahawan ,according to the ancient legend of Haripoonchai City or Lumpoon.This amulet has over thousands of history and legend which was the temple built by Princess Charma Dhevi, or Queen Charma Dhevi. Around thousand years later, both the temple and the pagoda were torn up by time. But the holy amulets remained in situ peacefully underground were they had been buried all that time ago.

Biography of KB Chao DuangDee:
KB Chao DuangDee was born in 26 April B.E.2449 (C.E.1906) at Chiangmai province. KB Chao DuangDee has eight sisters and brothers. When KB Chao DuangDee was 11 years old, he followed his parents to offer the foods to KB Sriwichai who was a great monk of north in Thailand. KB Sriwichai told his parents “in the future your son will to be a good monk”. After that, KB Chao DuangDee was 13 years old. He ordained as Buddhist novice then he came to Chiangmai for serving KB Sriwichai. In B.E.2470 (C.E.1927), KB Chao DuangDee ordained as a monk. KB Sriwichai died when KB Chao DuangDee was 32 years old. After cremated KB Sriwichai, KB Chao Apichai who was a disciple of KB Sriwichai gave a piece of bone at skull to KB Chao DuangDee. Nowadays, KB Chao DuangDee is 104 years old who is oldest monk in Chiangmai province and last one disciple of KB Sriwichai. KB Chao DuangDee is a great monk, he has donated lot of money to build public utilities such as hospital, school and the other. Finally, KB Chao DuangDee said to every worshipper “hoping every worshipper to be rich and happy”. KB DuangDee passed away in 6 February in C.E.2010.

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