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Directmall > No.1418: LP Yai, Arsom Cheepakhow **Lucky Charm > PDMAC1647
PDMAC1647 : Great Protection! LP Tuad With Guman Ta Khai Wat Chedi Statue (Small) (LP Yai , Wat assaromcheepakhao)
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master
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Size 6.5 x 13.5 cm.
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name : LP Tuad With Guman Ta Khai Wat Chedi Statue (Small)

From : LP Yai , Wat assaromcheepakhao

Size : 6.5 x 13.5 cm.

Year : 11 August B.E.2563 (C.E.2020)

Original : Thailand

Material: Holy Herb Powder

Present : Made of holy herb powder with LP Tuad With Guman Ta Khai Wat Chedi image. Under statue embedded Guman Ta Khai Wat Chedi.

**Power: LP Thuad, Timeless Monk of Great Protection , bring good luck and wealth and fulfill wishes

LP Thuad, Timeless Monk of Great Protection

Luangpu Thuad (1582-1682 C.E.) is a revered Buddhist monk in Thailand. He is said to have performed miracles. LP Thuad is mentioned in the early regional history of Southern Thailand, but his life is mainly preserved in oral. His journey throughout the Southern peninsula constitutes a path of pilgrimage for many of his followers.

Many people praise LP Thuad amulet as great protection Buddha amulet. It's believed that LP Thuad amulet created by no matter where temples are, if worshiper has true faith in LP Thuad, there will be miracle the same. People in amulet circle say "whoever hangs or whatever car has LP Thuad amulet no matter new or old or temple, they will not die in violence."

LP Tim Dharmataro, abbot of Wat Chang Hai, Pattani province was the pioneer creator of LP Thuad amulets. Old sacred amulets of LP Thuad are considered priceless and very powerful.

Many people in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia believe that amulets created in LP Thuad image hold great protective power granting safety especially saving lives of believers from dangers and fatal accidents. Moreover, LP Thuad will bring his worshipers auspiciousness, good luck, success and fulfillment in what we hope for in human endeavor.

1. LP Thuad has been known widely in Thailand for a long time. His power is great. People who worship LP Thuad could wonderfully survive from a severe accident or being killed. That why Thai people have strong faith in LP Thuad. People believe LP Thuad power can make them safe from harm and protect against damage or attack as well as fulfill what they think to do in good way.

2. This mini LP Thuad statue is good for you to place in your house or car to be safe from harm and accidents. Holiness of LP Thuad is told from gen to gen about protection. Many people were safe from accidents because they had LP Thuad amulets. Also, LP Thuad will bring good luck, auspiciousness and prosperity to your life.

3. LP Thuad amulet is very holy with strong power of protection. Police and soldiers popularly wear LP Thuad amulets because they believe LP Thuad power will make them safe when they work. Other people could be safe from accidents. Power of LP Thuad is also believed to destroy bad powers, black magic and evil spirits. Besides, people who have faith in LP Thuad always pray to LP Thuad for being successful in what they are going to do.

**The power of Ta Khai is widely known in Nakhon Si Thammarat and other provinces. People told that in World War II, Ta Khai spirit frightened the foreign soldiers that they ran away without thinking.

Because of strong power of Ta Khai spirit, in 2525 B.E. (1982 C.E.) people together built the statue of Ta Khai from Ta Kian wood (Ta Kian is a mystical tree in Thai belief) and invited real Ta Khai spirit to obsess in the statue. Wonderfully, Ta Khai statue is not common because Ta Khai spirit helps what people pray for him. Every day, people come to worship and give offerings for Ta Khai. They like to make a wish towards Ta Khai statue. Many of them are fulfilled for example they win the lottery and find the missing things. That makes Ta Khai spirit very famous.

Caremony : holy blessing by LP Yai , Wat assaromcheepakhao on the auspicious date.

“This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.”

Notice: This stated price is already added the cost according to the license of sending a worshiping sculpture to foreign country, Department of Fine Arts, Thailand.
To export worshiping Buddha images and respectable Thai sculptures to foreign country, we have to deal with Department of Fine Arts, Thailand. There are the laws we must follow. This way, we have to pay fees. So, the price of a worshiping sculpture is already added with cost of management
1. a worshiping sculpture, small and medium added 15 $ per item
2. a worshiping sculpture, big (9 inches up) added 20 $ per item
Management cost consists of:
1. the permit and documents
2. photo of worshiping sculpture
3. transportation cost (from office to Department of Fine Arts)
Proceeding for getting the export license takes 3-5 working days.

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