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Directmall > No.1392: LP Rod **Wealth-Good Luck-Protection > PDMAB8923
PDMAB8923 : Worshipful Opulence 3-inch Metal (gold color) Phra Kring PidTa Maha Larp statue - Duang Setthi’62 batch (LP Rod, Wat Khok Krom, Surin Province)
with Katha: PT_Master

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Size width 7 cm x height (3 in) 7.5 cm


100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Phra Kring PidTa Maha Larp statue

**This statue contains a metal bead inside, so when shaking will have a sound. This is believed as an auspicious sound.

From: LP Rod, Wat Khok Krom, Surin Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: “Duang Setthi’ 62” (meaning: Destiny of Millionaire’ 62)

Year: B.E.2562 (C.E.2019)

Material: blackened metal

Amount: created 299 pieces.

Size: width 7 cm x height (3 in) 7.5 cm

Ceremony: LP Rod and monks properly blessed this batch on 11 May 2019 at Wat Khok Krom, Surin Province.

Objective: to earn donations for developing and restoring Wat Khok Krom.

Powerful: A chubby Buddha with his hands covering his eyes is well-known as “Phra PidTa”, an icon of wealth in Thai belief. Idea of making Phra PidTa derives from “Phra Kawampati” or “Phra Sangkajjai” who was an enlightened disciple of Buddha. With image that looked very much like Buddha, Phra Kawampati transformed himself to a chubby monk so that people will not misunderstand him as Buddha and that became signature of Phra Kawampati or Phra Sangkajjai. Phra PidTa looks like Phra Sangkajjai, but is in a different posture; putting his hands on his eyes that implies an attempt to obtain calmness of mind by stopping seeing. Phra PidTa is praised as god of wealth. Whoever worships Phra PidTa will be successful in wealth and business.

About Guru Monk:
Luangpu Rod Arpassaro (aged 70, 47-year monkhood, 2018 C.E.) abbot of Wat Khok Krom, Surin Province. An incomparable monk with Thai and Khmer magical efficiency. He likes searching for herbs and occultism such as Buddhist hieroglyphic writing or any magic he always tries doing by himself to see the power. And when he sees it is really practical, he will apply to amulets for disciples and devotees. Among worshipers can meet with wonderful results from his amulets such as saving from harmful incidents, charm-gaining people’s kindness, good business and calling money that suits the condition of economy nowadays.

“This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.”

Notice: This stated price is already added the cost according to the license of sending a worshiping sculpture to foreign country, Department of Fine Arts, Thailand.

To send a worshiping sculpture of Buddha or Buddha’s Enlightened Disciple to foreign country, we have to deal with Department of Fine Arts, Thailand. There are the laws we must follow. This way, we have to pay fees. So, the price of a worshiping sculpture will be added with cost of management
1. a worshiping sculpture, small and medium added 20 $ per item
2. a worshiping sculpture, big (9 inches up) added 25 $ per item

Management cost consists of:
1. the permit and documents
2. photo of worshiping sculpture
3. transportation cost (from office to Department of Fine Arts)

The management from asking the permit until sending a sculpture takes 5-7 workdays.

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