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Directmall > No.1377: LP Saing **Secure, Charming & Prosperous > PDMAB8346
PDMAB8346 : Crowd’s Mercy-Wealth-Luck-Protection "Khun Paen Sakot Thap" (green/white/gray) (LP Saing, Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan, Suphanburi Province )
with Katha: KP(man)_Master
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Size width 2.5 x height 3.8 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Khun Paen Sakot Thap

Color: Green/White/Gray

Size: width 2.5 x height 3.8 cm

From: LP Saing, Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan, Suphanburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E. 2562 (C.E. 2019)

Purpose of Making: to celebrate 100th anniversary of Wat Pa Lelai.

Powerful: Wat Pa Lelai, famous temple in Suphanburi province launched this version “Khun Paen Sakot Thap” in Thailand beautifully designed and rich power of protection, charm, people kindness, wealth and good fortune.

Khun Paen is the legend of Suphanburi province. It says Khun Paen is a very skilled warrior and also a great lover who has many wives.

Material: To find material to make this Khun Paen, Wat Pa Lelai and team traveled to many places relevant to Khun Paen around Thailand such as the soil from Mae Thongphrasi House in Kanchanaburi Province (Khun Paen’s mother house), old brick from Khun Paen Temple, old brick from Wat Pa Lelai, joss stick ash from Phraya Shrine in Kanchanaburi Province, the brick from Somyai old temple in Kanchanaburi Province, the mass from Nong Buaklee Cave in Kanchanaburi Province, the mass from the old temple where Khun Paen did the roasted infant ceremony and the mass from other places where cannot be explained. Many kinds of herbs and plants, the holy powder and the mystic symbols from instructors are also used.

Ceremony: holy blessing by LP Saing and monks in the Uposatha hall on the auspicious date.

Present: Backside carries “Rahoo Swallowing the Moon” showing destructive to bad luck and obstacles.

Rahoo, the half-body black giant deity in posture of swallowing the moon is widely worshiped for good luck, success and wealth in Thailand. Moreover, people believe worshiping Rahoo can drive out bad luck and bad things from the worshiper’s life.

About Temple:
Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan (often called Wat Pa Lelai) is a temple in Suphanburi Province, located on the west side of Suphanburi River, Malai Man Street, which is in the Mueang Suphanburi District of Tambon Rua Yai. The local population refers to it as "Wat Pa", which means Temple of Forest. This temple has a holy main Buddha image named “Luangpho Toh” in sitting posture with legs down. People popularly visit Wat Pa Lelai to pay respect to Luangpho Toh.

About LP Saing:
LP Saing (Sa-Ing) or Phra Tham Phutthimongkol was born on 4 January B.E. 2477 (C.E.1934) in Suphanburi Province. Went into priesthood at only the age of 17. After ordination, LP set his heart on studying and practicing dharma getting progress gradually. Built a great development on many Buddhist affairs such as ecclesiastical government, Pariyatti Dharma education, public benefits and so on.

Special honor on 15 January 2014, LP received the World Buddhist Leadership Award from the World Buddhist Relations Organization delivered to monks who do benefits to Buddhism both domestic and international distinguish Buddhism with the World Buddhist Outstanding Leader Award at the National Buddhism Office.

LP has a doctrinal principle with the use of mercy in the training of disciples and people to emphasize the importance of Buddhism that has great value to the country inherited until the present. Also teaches Buddhists to use wisdom to solve problems with consciousness and calm.
Besides, LP is accepted as a skilled magical monk of Suphanburi Province. His first famous amulet is Phra Kring Solot in B.E. 2516 (C.E.1973). Moreover, LP is well-behaved with precepts and gracefully follows path of Buddha that makes people respect and admire LP very much.

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