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LP Saeng, Wat Sompoi, Buriram Province

LP Wahn, Wat Sena Nimit **Luck, Charm, Prosperity

No.1428: AJ KruJarnYai **Extreme Charm, Luck, Protection

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Directmall > No.1375: Pa Duang Kaew Photiyan Suchadaram Monastery **Good Luck & Good Things > PDMAB8242
PDMAB8242 : Luck & Money! Colorful Lucky Stone (Prakam Hin Riak Sarp) KB Boonchum Bracelet (KB Kaew, Pa Duang Kaew Photiyan Suchadaram Monastery, Lampang Province)
with Katha: Luck_Master

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Size diameter 7 cm (elastic band)
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Prakam Hin Riak Sarp **complete with Lucky Red Wrist Thread

From: KB Kaew, Pa Duang Kaew Photiyan Suchadaram Monastery, Lampang Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Wajasit (holy utterance) **this name recalls holy words of KB Boonchum spoken for the 13 lives in the cave still alive and soon they all were found and rescued off safely.

Year: B.E. 2561 (C.E. 2018)

Description: This lucky stone bracelet is out from Pa Duang Kaew Photiyan Suchadaram Monastery, Lampang Province. KB Boonchum exclusively blessed for special case in order to earn donations for developing and restoring Pa Duang Kaew Photiyan Suchadaram Monastery.

**Set of Blessing Events:
1. On 21 October 2018 at Wat Saleekho, Nonthaburi Province praying by more than 10 famous guru monks.
2. During 29 December – 2 January 2019 at Wat Nok, Bangkok praying by more than 20 famous guru monks.
3. On 8 January 2019 at Wat Saengkaewphotiyan, Chiang Rai Province praying by KB AriyaChat and more than 20 famous guru monks.
4. On 9 January 2019 at Pa Duang Kaew Photiyan Suchadaram Monastery, Lampang Province praying by KB Kaew as final event.

Size: diameter 7 cm (elastic band)

Material: colored lucky stones

Power: Attract the wearer good luck, financial windfall and good business.

About KB Kaew:
Kruba Kaew Thanawathano is a reverend forest meditation Northern monk, a present abbot of Wat Ban Klang, Lampang Province. KB Kaew in much respected by the locals asking for auspicious blessing and spiritual help. Also, he is a disciple of KB Boonchum, a holy forest meditation monk.

Kruba Boonchum Yannasangwaro was born in year B.E. 2508 of Jan 5 at Pa Maisak Village, in Chiang Saen District in northern Thailand. He is a forest meditation monk, well known since the age of thirteen to a great numbers of devotees in Laos, Sipsongbanna of Yunnan Province in China, Shan State of the Union of Myanmar, Thailand for his solitary and serious meditation practice and faraway of Tibet and Bhutan.

Kruba Boonchum was ordained as monk at the age of eleven and after the completion of his primary education, with thirty-two other boys in 1975. After a year or two, all of them returned to lay life, except Kruba Boonchum who has taken interest in meditation. After studying Buddhist scriptures for a year and having completed Nak Dham Tri, the first foundation level of formal Dharma examinations. He wanted to learn the Buddha's teaching in a more practical way. So, whenever given opportunity he would approach well known meditation teachers in northern Thailand and learnt from them. Sometime he would go and meditate in the cemetery or on corpses. Unusually quiet and meditative for his age, he was often teased by other novices. But that did not deter him from going into the meditation practice deeper and seriously than any of the monasteries would offer to a young novice of his age.

Kruba Boonchum serious meditation practice attracted devotees who started making offerings, including money, to him. He donated all the offerings to others, all local Chiang Saen people known about this. Whenever devotees came, he would also do chanting to invoke blessings of the Buddha on them and explain them the Buddha's dhamma in simple terms. He usually talked about the admiration he had on the Buddha's life leading to meditation on the Buddha (Buddhanussati), the Buddha's teaching on the five precepts; the loathsome nature of the body (asubha-bhavana) and the inevitability of death (maranassati) and meditation on compassion (metta). His chanting took approximately two hours and he did so with deep concentration and a beautiful voice. His chants were all in Pali and what have been preserved in the forest meditation tradition in Lanna, northern Thailand and in the eastern Shan State of Burma. His style and his strong faith in chanting awakened the seed of devotion in many who heard it.

Kruba Boonchum was not around because he went to 'Tudong' and ever practiced meditation in the cave without speaking and going anywhere for 3 years, 3 months and 3 days. He is highly esteemed by Buddhists of Myanmar, Tibet and Bhutan.

**MIRACLE** Kruba Boonchum had accurate utterance about the 13 lives (12 boys and 1 coach) in the Cave

According to the famous news about 13 lives getting stuck in the cave Khun Nam Nang Non, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand for 10 days (23 June - 2 July). During the difficult time, on 29 June 2018 people invited Kruba Boonchum to perform holy ritual to help the missing 13 people. When Kruba Boonchum finished, he said all 13 lives were still safe and waiting for help, about a few days the rescue team would find them. On 2 July 2018, SEALs really found 13 lives as Kruba said.

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