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Directmall > No.1374: Wat Huai Mai Teng **Lucky & Auspicious > PDMAB8191
PDMAB8191 : Lucky & Good Energies! Look Nimit Lek Nam Phi Amulet (Wat Huai Mai Teng, Ratchaburi Province )
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master
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Size 2 cm


100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Look Nimit Lek Nam Phi Amulet

From: Wat Huai Mai Teng, Ratchaburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E. 2562 (C.E. 2019)

Size: 2 cm

Material: made of Lek Nam Phi (holy iron ore).

Info: ‘Lek Nam Phi’ is a name of holy iron ore in Thailand having been used to make swords and knives since Ayutthaya era. This iron ore was named after Amphoe (district) Nam Phi in Uttaradit province where it is found. Lek Nam Phi is taken out of “the well”; a hollow on the ground where people dig for this iron ore. Lek Nam Phi is believed a sacred material supernaturally capable of protecting person from dangers, black magic, spirits and any bad invisible thing. People say Lek Nam Phi is a brother of Lek Lai because they have prominent safeguarding power.

Purpose of Making: created as the token of Phuk Phatthasima event at Wat Huai Mai Teng (2-10 February 2019).

Ceremony: This Look Nimit was properly blessed by a monk at the temple.

Power: Buddhists believe Look Nimit amulet will bring good luck and good things to life.

Look Nimit – the part of Buddhist merit making

According to a Buddhist dictionary, “Look Nimit” means a round object with size about a monk’s alms bowl usually made of stone used as a mark around the Buddhist chapel or Ubosot; to properly separate the area for monks to do religious rites.

A ceremony to bury Look Nimit is known as “Fang Look Nimit” or formally called “Phuk Phatthasima”. This ceremony has been conventionally done when the Ubosot is completely built.

There are 9 Look Nimit around the Ubosot; 1 in the middle of the Ubosot and the rest in 8 directions. Before burying Look Nimit, 4 monks walk and bless at the fixed points from the east to the east called “Suad Thak Sima”. Next, monks assemble in the Ubosot and bless again. After that, a monk releases Look Nimit from the basket into each hole where there will be “Sema” built on the ground as a symbol.

This is a holy ceremony believed whoever takes part (attend the event, donate money or put a gold leaf on Look Nimit) will have beneficial results as follows:
1. Having no illness every life.
2. Never to be born in a poor family.
3. If being born in the world will be in a high caste or royal family.
4. If being born in the heavenly world will be a high angel.
5. A person with a perfect living status and nice complexion.
6. Having long life.

Some Thai people put a book, pencil, needle and thread in the hole of Look Nimit believed to bring sharp intellect like a needle and continuous progression like the length of the thread.

About Temple:
Wat Huai Mai Teng is a temple in Ratchaburi Province located in Tambon Namphu, Amphoe Mueang. This temple has a lot of Mai Teng (Shorea obtusa) trees, so it was name ‘Huai Mai Teng’ that ‘Huai’ means ‘creek’.

Info: Mai Teng (Shorea obtusa) is found widely in the woods of Thailand except the South. Mai Teng wood is rough, but even and strong. It is used to make railway sleeper, agriculture tools and building structures such as beam, door frame, window, roof structure and pole.

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