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PDMAB8140 : Super Fortunate! Si Hoo Ha Ta Sang Ruay (angel of luck & fortune) Amulet Painted Bronze (green body) (Wat Thammachaimongkol, Chiang Mai Province)
with Katha: 4Hoo5Ta_Master
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Size width 1.8 x height 3.5 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Si Hoo Ha Ta Sang Ruay (angel of luck & fortune) Amulet

**has code and serial number 67.

From: Wat Thammachaimongkol, Chiang Mai Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Sang Ruay (Wealth Command)

Year: B.E. 2561 (C.E. 2018)

Size: width 1.8 x height 3.5 cm

Material: bronze with paint (green body)

Present: bottom with holy powder, brass Takrut and copper Takrut to increase the power.

Amount: made 999 pieces.

Purpose of Making: to earn donations for developing and restoring Wat Thammachaimongkol

Ceremony: holy blessing by monks at Wat Thammachaimongkol, Chiang Mai Province on the auspicious occasion

Power: According to belief about Si Hoo Ha Ta, whoever believes in him will be granted good luck and great fortune amazingly.

‘Thep In’ is a name of a legendary animal of Hinduism. In Hindu belief, Indra Deity transformed himself into a monster that had four ears and five eyes called ‘Si Hoo Ha Ta’ in order to help people. In Thailand, Thep In is a name of a monster amulet which is known well in the north of Thailand. People believe that Thep In amulet can make them lucky, run business well, live in peacefulness, change bad fortune to good fortune and fulfill the owner’s wishes.

The Story of Si Hoo Ha Ta:
Once upon a time, there was a beggar family. That family had 3 members: father, mother and son. Then mother died. After that, father died. Before father died, he told his son to bury his dead body and take out his skull when it falls out. Father told his son to roll his skull along the ground. Father told his son to make a trap where his skull stops and take a trapped animal home to feed. Father said a trapped animal would bring good luck. After father died, his son did all what his father told.

One day, a monster was trapped. It looked like a gorilla with four eyes and five eyes. The son brought the monster home. When he got home, he made a bonfire. The monster was so hungry and ate red charcoals in front of him. The son was amazed. Moreover, when the monster finished, it produced gold feces. The boy kept the gold in his garden and soon his garden was full of gold.

One day, the son heard the news that the king was finding the bridegroom for his daughter, but it was not easy. The king challenged all men in the town that he will give his daughter when the man could build the gold gutter to the castle. No one could, except the son. He used gold feces from the monster to build the gutter. The son married the princess as he wished.

However, the king was anxious to know how his son - in - law could get the gold. The king asked the son and the son told the king everything. So, the king and his guards came to catch the monster. When they arrived, the monster was frightened and ran way. It went in the cave. No one saw the monster ever since.

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