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PDMAB7835 : SuperMetta Charming Wealthy & Fully Safe! Phra Khun Paen Amulet with Pu Lersi KowOor Image (LP Hong, Wat Kow Oor, Phatthalung province )
with Katha: KP(Buddha)_Master
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Khun Paen Amulet with Pu Lersi KowOor Image

**Backside with Pu Lersi KowOor image representing a hermit who founded Samnak KowOor

Serial Number: 57

From: LP Hong, Wat Kow Oor, Phatthalung province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: “Luean Samanasak 58” (LP Hong got a higher rank)

Year: 2558 B.E. (2015 C.E.)

Color: brown

Material: herbs and holy powders

Present: backside sprinkled with pieces of wealth ore “Rae Dood Sarp”.

Size: width 2.9 x height 4.5 cm

Powerful: This is the southern Khun Paen which is powerful in protection and prominent charm that makes owner successful and become wealthy in business.

1. To celebrate moving to higher rank of Phothan Hong
2. To make money to develop and restore Wat KowOor

Ceremony: This amulet was blessed 3 times on different dates magically performed by Phothan Hong and monks.
1. on 30 November 2014 at the cave Tham Chatthanbanpot, Wat KowOor, Phatthalung province
2. on 8 January 2015 at Samnak Song Tonh Liab (monastery related to Luangpu Thuad)
3. on 23-24 January 2015 at the cave Tham Chatthanbanpot, Wat KowOor, Phatthalung province that Arjarn Plian performed as the lay president of the ceremony

About Guru Monk:
Phothan Hong is an abbot of Wat KowOor (longtime famous temple for magic and mantras) in Phatthalung province, southern Thailand. Many proficient guru monks and masters ever studied at Wat KowOor. Phothan Hong is another skillful guru monk who accomplished magical science here and has been keeping on knowledge of teachers. Phothan Hong is highly respected by Buddhists in the south.

About Wat KowOor:
Wat KowOor aged more than 120 is a famous temple for magic and mantras. In fact, Wat KowOor is the oldest spiritual and magical academy in Thailand. In the past, people who were very interested in magic and mantra went to Wat KowOor or Samnak KowOor at that time. People studying here must not use magical knowledge to kill people or commit a sin. A Learner of Samnak KowOor must be a good man and grateful to parents and a teacher. Samnak KowOor has produced many important guru monks and masters such as LP Kron, LP Nam, LP Kloy, Khunphantharakratchadet, AJ Plian, etc. These people have magical competence. In fact, Wat KowOor is also a good place for studying herbal medicine.
Wat KowOor is located in Kuan Kanoon district, Phatthalung province. This temple has the cave on the mountain named Tham Chatthanbanpot where is used to hold rites and ceremonies. The legend says that Wat KowOor in the past was the place where hermits drilled. Later, it became the center of magic gurus. Those gurus wanted to hand down their knowledge, so they taught magic to people who were interested. Year after year, magic, mantra and herbal medicine spread to people generation by generation.

Here are ceremonies popularly held at Wat KowOor.
1. Phithee Sek Wanh: a ceremony that herbs (Wanh) which are believed to make person invulnerable are consecrated by a magical expert and distributed to people to eat
2. Phithee Hoong Khao Niaw Dam: a ceremony that black rice is cooked with herbs not less than 108 kinds and distributed to people to eat
3. Phithee Sek Namman Nga Dib: a ceremony that raw sesame oil is consecrated by a magical expert and distributed to people to eat
4. Phithee Chae Wanh Ya: a ceremony that people soak in the water which is mixed with herbs and already consecrated by a magical expert
It is believed that if we participate in these ceremonies, we will be indestructible to dangers.

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