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Directmall > No.682: LP Purachet **Wealth, Charm & Good Luck > PDMAB7061
PDMAB7061 : Mini price Powerful Pink Manee Naga (Mysterious Gem from Mekong River) (LP Purachet, Wat Suwannakhi, Suphanburi Province)
with Katha: Naga_Worship
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Size 1.5 x 2.5 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Pink Manee Naga

From: LP Purachet, Wat Suwannakhi, Suphanburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Material: Manee Naga gem, metal case

Size: 1.5 x 2.5 cm

Power of Manee Naga: bringing good luck and wealth

Objectives: LP Purachet presents this to make money to develop and restore his temple, Wat Suwannakhi.

Ceremony: LP Purachet intensively blessed this by himself.

About Guru Monk:

Thailand is the land of belief. There are guru monks in all regions. In Central Thailand, Suphanburi Province, there are many well-known guru monks such as LP Sak, LP Pui, LP Nim and so on. These days, one skilled guru monk from Suphanburi you will know is LP Purachet.
LP Purachet is an abbot of Wat Suwannakhi in Suphanburi Province. He is famous for his powerful amulets especially Guman Thong. He can contact the great hermit spirit named Pu RueSi. He can invite Pu RueSi spirit into himself. While consecrating, he likes to invite spirits to come into the amulets for stronger power.

Naga is a holy serpent being in Buddhist mythology –a symbol of wealth, ascendancy and exuberance. People believe Naga can bring fertility of agriculture because it can access the land and the water, and also a plenty of fortune.

Thai people believe Naga live in Mekong River. The wonderful thing by Naga is the rise of light balls that occurs every year on a full moon night when Buddhist Lent is over (15th waxing moon of 11th month according to lunar calendar). People believe Naga produces light balls to worship Buddha. That night, Naga will gather at the center of Mekong River and produce many light balls going up in the sky.

**Belief about Naga Gem**

Naga Gem (Thai: ‘Manee Naka’ or ‘Manee Nakaraj’) is a relic of Naga. Each Naga has his own gem and it will be left after that Naga dies. There are various colors and powers of each Naga Gem for example:

1. White Color
White Naga Gem belongs to Naga who had great merit and perfect meditation. This color is believed to develop meditation of owner very well.

2. Red
Red Naga Gem belongs to the powerful Naga who obtained very strong magical powers. This color is believed to increase the confidence and the bravery for warriors or military leaders. Also holds great protective power against harm and dangers.

3. Pink
Pink Naga Gem belongs to female Naga. It is good for personal attractiveness and love.

4. Purple
Purple Naga Gem involves wealth, charm and protection from black magic and evil spirits.

5. Yellow
Yellow Naga Gem can bring financial and material fulfillment as well as kindness from people.

6. Green
Green Naga Gem is said to bring peacefulness and inspire devotion in others.

7. Blue and Sky Blue
This color of Naga Gem is related to ascendancy and charisma of a leader because ‘blue’ represents the king and a high governor.

8. Orange
Orange color of Naga Gem is believed to protect owner from weapons.

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