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Directmall > No.13(2): Auspicious Bracelets, Bangles, Necklaces & Rings > PDMAB5862
PDMAB5862 : Protect & Good Luck Auspicious Wood Rosary Bracelet LP Hong with Look Nimit (holy ball) Amulet (Accessories,Thai amulet)
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master
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Size diameter 7 cm (elastic band)
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Auspicious Accessory for Everybody

Name: Auspicious Wood Rosary Bracelet LP Hong with Look Nimit (holy ball) Amulet

1) Auspicious Wood Rosary Bracelet from LP Hong, Wat Petchburi, Surin Province

Size: diameter 7 cm (elastic band), bead 0.8 cm

Material: auspicious wood beads that LP Hong ever blessed

Power: People say LP Hong was full of mercy to humans and animals and had powerful mindfulness and magical mantra. Thus, amulets from LP Hong have manifested wonderful experience to many owners for example saving believers from fatal accidents and helping some from difficult situations.

About LP Hong:
LP Hong was born on Thursday the 24th March B.E. 2460 (C.E. 1917) in Surin Province. He got ordained as a novice at the age of 18. When he was 20, he got ordained as a monk at Wat Petchburi, Tumbon Toongmon, Amphur Prasart, Surin Province. After 3 months of ordination, LP Hong went on a pilgrimage in Cambodia. In Cambodia, LP Hong met many guru masters and studied magic with them. He spent 30 years on pilgrimage in Cambodia. LP Hong was a good monk and a magical expert. LP Hong calmly passed away on 5 March 2014 C.E. at age 97.

Wonderful Stories of LP Hong (revealed by disciples):
1. LP Hong always had mercy on everyone especially animals. When he was alive, there were many snakes in his temple, but they did not hurt LP Hong. When a snake crept on LP Hong, he touched and let it go. LP Hong could do that because he was full of mercy and merit. He always taught people that freeing animals is good.
2. Things from LP Hong are holy. For example his hairs, when he shaved his hair, many people waited to get pieces of his hair to worship. They said these hair pieces would become crystal solids as years pass by. Particularly, areca nut chewed by him was what people waited for. They believed that it absorbed power of LP Hong because when LP Hong chewed, he spelt Katha at the same time. In fact, people believe areca mass from LP Hong can be an antidote and remove black magic from a person. Moreover, as years pass by, this areca mass will become a crystal solid.

2) Look Nimit (holy ball) Amulet from temple in Ayutthaya Province

Material: holy mass with gold leaf

Size: 0.5 cm

Power: to bring good luck and protection from harm and bad things

Look Nimit – the part of Buddhist merit making

According to a Buddhist dictionary, “Look Nimit” means a round object with size about a monk’s alms bowl usually made of stone used as a mark around the Buddhist chapel or Ubosot; to properly separate the area for monks to do religious rites.

A ceremony to bury Look Nimit is known as “Fang Look Nimit” or formally called “Phuk Phatthasima”. This ceremony has been conventionally done when the Ubosot is completely built.

There are 9 Look Nimit around the Ubosot; 1 in the middle of the Ubosot and the rest in 8 directions. Before burying Look Nimit, 4 monks walk and bless at the fixed points from the east to the east called “Suad Thak Sima”. Next, monks assemble in the Ubosot and bless again. After that, a monk releases Look Nimit from the basket into each hole where there will be “Sema” built on the ground as a symbol.

This is a holy ceremony believed whoever takes part (attend the event, donate money or put a gold leaf on Look Nimit) will have beneficial results as follows:
1. Having no illness every life.
2. Never to be born in a poor family.
3. If being born in the world will be in a high caste or royal family.
4. If being born in the heavenly world will be a high angel.
5. A person with a perfect living status and nice complexion.
6. Having long life.

Some Thai people put a book, pencil, needle and thread in the hole of Look Nimit believed to bring sharp intellect like a needle and continuous progression like the length of the thread.

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