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PDMAB4661 : 3rd Edition Bo Bo Gyi Statue (Fast Fulfilling God), Sacred Metal (LP O, Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province )
with Katha: BoboGyi_Master
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**Note: This picture is a sample, so the real item may have a different color according to material and design.

Do not miss!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: 3rd Edition Bobo Gyi Statue (Fast Fulfilling God)

Material: sacred metal

From: LP O, Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Objectives: proceeds for developing and restoring the temple Wat SiSuPhon


Bobo Gyi is the god who will bless any wishes come true very fast and miraculous. The real Bobo Gyi statue is in Myanmar. Most people who beg wish from Bobo Gyi or fast fulfilling god, their wishes will be fulfilled. Phra Arjarn O realize that it will be good if there is the statue of Bobo Gyi for Thai people to pay respect because not everyone will have a chance to pay respect the fast fulfilling god in Myanmar, but everyone always has desires, so Phra Arjarn O decided to make the statue of fast fulfilling god that everyone can pray at home.

The original well-known Bobo Gyi in Myanmar made of holy special wood that has unique characteristics and must be kept in the regular auspicious time only. Phra Arjarn O got some powder of this holy special wood and used the powder to mix with others material to make this god, so this god is good inside and outside too. Moreover, the height of this god is 13 inches referred to the high class magic 13 levels of Xsatiyar. Furthermore, the bottom of this god has the magic words of 5 Buddha avatars which will help the prayer safe and rich.

Phra Arjarn O prepared the teacher bowl to invite the Myanmar magic teachers to bless this fast fulfilling god according to the textbook correctly because only the person who studied from the original subject magic line of Myanmar and got permission from the headmaster in Myanmar can invite the 37 Myanmar magic teachers of the mount Popa to bless and celebrate this fast fulfilling god to be powerful like as the original statue in Myanmar.

Moreover, Phra Arjarn O wrote holy Myanmar magic words on the sculpture by himself and open the eyes according to the Xsatiyar subject to make this fast fulfilling god know and response to the prayer wishes.

**Power: All prayers will be fulfilled soon whenever they pray to fast fulfilling god for something based on possibility.

About Maker:
Luangpho O (abbot of Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province) is a successful guru monk whose amulets are accepted by Thai and foreign worshipers. Ever studied magic from his grandfather who was a disciple of Somdej Loon (the great Laotian monk) and has been studying making effective amulets from herbs and plants planted by himself.
With being fond of magic since a child, LP O collected magical knowledge and experience until became an expert. His amulets are various and unusual using magic and creativity. For years, LP O has built excitement for amulet circle with uncommon amulets making Thai people and foreigners have wonderful results.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.
Note: The real object may be different from picture. It is in good condition from temple.
We have Katha for every amulet in text and MP3 and instructions at Your Katha.

Notice: This stated price is already added the cost according to conditions of sending a worshiping sculpture to foreign country, Department of Fine Arts, Thailand.

To send a worshiping sculpture of Buddha or Buddha’s Enlightened Disciple to foreign country, we have to deal with Department of Fine Arts, Thailand. There are the laws we must follow. This way, we have to pay fees. So, the price of a worshiping sculpture will be added with cost of management
1. a worshiping sculpture, small and medium added 20 $ per item
2. a worshiping sculpture, big (9 inches up) added 25 $ per item

Management cost consists of:
1. the permit and documents
2. photo of worshiping sculpture
3. transportation cost (from office to Department of Fine Arts)

The management from asking the permit until sending a sculpture takes 5-7 workdays.

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