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Directmall > No.1160: LP Boon **Wealth-Charm-Protect > PDMAB3545
PDMAB3545 : Ideal Charm! Takrut Phra Lak Naa Thong (LP Boon, Wat Thung Krajet, Suphanburi province)
with Katha: PhraLakNaThong
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Size 1 x 3.8 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

Don’t miss powerful amulet!

Name: Takrut Phra Lak Naa Thong

Amulets by LP Boon Wat Thung Krajet are now very popular among Thai worshipers because amulet owners really had excellent experiences in various aspects e.g. protection, charm, luck and wealth.

Strongly powerful on love and charm; being desirable towards one you love; he or she will think of you all the time. Best amulet for single guys and girls. It is full of magical power because LP Boon had intensively blessed for months.

Material: metal Yant sheet covered with rope

Size: 1 x 3.8 cm

Amount: created only 999 pieces

From: LP Boon, Wat Thung Krajet, Suphanburi province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Objective: Now, the temple needs donations for building the multipurpose pavilion.

About Guru Monk:
This is Luangpho Boon of Wat Thung Krajet, another experienced guru monk in Suphanburi province. In fact, LP Boon is a disciple of LP Niwet, a former abbot of Wat Thung Krajet. LP Niwet was a skilled guru monk. He kept on superb mantras of many past guru monks such as LP Kong of Wat Wang Sappharot, LP Mui of Wat Don Rai, Kammatan with LP Nong of Wat Klong Madan and others. Amulets from LP Niwet gave many worshipers wonderful experience and that made LP Niwet well-known among worshipers. Now, LP Niwet is dead, but had handed down his magical knowledge to a disciple who is LP Boon. So LP Boon became a representative of LP Niwet undoubtedly. Not only that, LP Boon also carries on good intentions of LP Niwet in serving and maintaining Buddhism.

**Real Experience: As for previous amulets by LP Boon Wat Thung Krajet, the owners together thumb a lift for amazing powers for example lucky Ngob Nam Aoi (cane sugar cake-shaped amulet) that its owners could clear all debts in a very short time, protective Phra Mahesuan that a man who carried it along was not damaged from being stabbed, and charming Takrut Thewada Naa Thongkam that helped men and women happy in their love and charm. This is only part of experience. If you want to experience, try worshiping by yourself.

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