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Directmall > No.945: LP O **Fetch Whatever You Wish! > PDMAB344
PDMAB344 : The Great Holy Myanmar Coin (LP O, Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province)
with Katha: Amulet_LPO

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Size 2.3 cm diameter
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** a new amulet from Phra Arjarn O who is experienced and trusted among worshipers.

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Holy Myanmar Coin

Size: 2.3-cm diameter

From: LP O, Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province

Origin: Thailand

Release Year: 2558 B.E. (2015 C.E.)


This is the great coin with great power from the highest Myanmar magic subject named “ExSaTiYa”. The believer in this subject will never afraid of unlucky destiny due to zodiac change because “ExSaTiYa” is the holy subject which can help the humble person transform to be the high class person or even changing the graveyard to be the livable place also possible.

Phra Arjarn O realize that the unlucky destiny due to zodiac change issue is the regular problem that people always worry about and consult with Phra Arjarn O for help and solution every year. Therefore, Phra Arjarn O decided to eliminate this problem by making The Great Holy Myanmar Coin for the believer to use, no matter whatever zodiac of the owner is.

When talking about the material of this coin, it is more than words can explain because this coin was made from the special metal which refers to the alchemy subject of “SuayYinJor ExSaTiYa KaiTorJee”. Moreover, the Myanmar magic words also were placed on the both side of the coin divisibly. This coin is the combination of codifying Myanmar magic words. It can be said that this coin was unnaturally happened from the integration of various element which normally cannot be merged together so, everything can be possible for the owner of this coin too.

Furthermore, Phra Arjarn O had to stamp the Myanmar magic word on the both side of the coin within 3 days after the holy metal was melted to be the coin shape otherwise, the coin will be cracked without a reason.

The Great Holy Myanmar Coin can be used for many purposes such as:
-Carry this coin for protection from any ghost, black magic and bad luck.
-Carry this coin to attract luck, increase charm and boost wealth.
-Use this coin to stick at the front of home to bring happiness come.
-Use this coin to make holy water for clearing bad things out of body and create majestic look.
-Use this coin to make holy water to besprinkle around shop area to attract customers.

Objectives: proceeds from the amulet for developing and restoring the temple Wat SiSuPhon

About Maker:
Luangpho O (also Phra Arjarn O, abbot of Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province) is a successful guru monk whose amulets are accepted by Thai and foreign worshipers. He ever studied magic from his grandfather who was a disciple of Somdej Loon (the great Laotian monk) and has been studying making effective amulets from herbs and plants planted by himself.
With being fond of magic since a child, LP O collected magical knowledge and experience until became an expert. His amulets are various and unusual using magic and creativity. For years, LP O has built excitement for amulet circle with uncommon amulets making Thai people and foreigners have amazing results.

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Note: The real amulet may be different from picture. It is in good condition from temple.

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