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Directmall > No.13 (1): Auspicious Bracelets, Bangles, Necklaces & Rings > PDMAB3407
PDMAB3407 : Protective Sacred Ray Bone Cameo Ring, Thai Art Pattern Silver Band (Accessories, Thai amulet)
with Katha: Auspicious Accessory
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Quality Product of Thailand

Name: Ray Bone Cameo Ring

Design: Thai art pattern silver band

Material: made of peak bone of BOWMOUTH GUITARFISH (another species of rays) and silver

Power: protects from demons and black magic

Size: customized

Supply Ability: made-to-order about 2 weeks

Information: Talismans and amulets have been tied to Thai belief for a long time. Thai people repose their trust in talismans and amulets because they ensure the owner’s good luck and security. This depends on individual consideration, but as for some who have ever experienced the real power they completely believe!

Ray bone (also from other species of rays) is a sacred material that people believe powerful even without any blessing from guru monks like ivory, tiger fangs, boar tusks, etc.

Peak bone of ray is a Southern Thai talisman (especially for fishermen) locally called Kot Kraben. “Kot” means “curve” and “Kraben” means “ray”. This part of ray nowadays is made as jewelry especially into a pendant or cameo. In fact “Kot Kraben” or peak ray bone comes from 3 species of rays: Rhinobatidee (Thai: Pla Ronan), Rhina ancylostoma (Thai: Pla Ronin) and Batoids (rays).

**Southern people believe “Kod Kraben” (peak ray bone) has mysterious power in itself that will be more powerful when getting blessed. They believe it can protect them from demons, fierce animals in the sea and black magic. Importantly, it can also increase owner’s power and charm.

Batoidea is a superorder of cartilaginous fish commonly known as batoids or rays, but it also includes the skates and sawfishes. Approximately 560 species are described in thirteen families. Batoids are in the fish subclass Elasmobranchii along with sharks, as they are closely related. Rays are distinguished by their flattened bodies, enlarged pectoral fins that are fused to the head, and gill slits that are placed on their ventral surfaces.

Bowmouth Guitarfish (Shark Ray or Mud Skate):

The bowmouth guitarfish (Rhina ancylostoma), also called the shark ray or mud skate, is a species of ray and the sole member of the family Rhinidae. Its evolutionary affinities are not fully resolved, though it may be related to true guitarfishes and skates. This rare species occurs widely in the tropical coastal waters of the western Indo-Pacific, at depths of up to 90 m (300 ft). Highly distinctive in appearance, the bowmouth guitarfish has a wide and thick body with a rounded snout and large shark-like dorsal and tail fins. Its mouth forms a W-shaped undulating line, and there are multiple thorny ridges over its head and back. It has a dorsal color pattern of many white spots over a bluish gray to brown background, with a pair of prominent black markings over the pectoral fins. This large species can reach a length of 2.7 m (8.9 ft) and weight of 135 kg (298 lb).

Usually found near the sea floor, the bowmouth guitarfish prefers sandy or muddy areas near underwater structures. It is a strong-swimming predator of bony fishes, crustaceans, and molluscs. This species gives live birth to litters of two to eleven pups, which are nourished during gestation by yolk. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has assessed the bowmouth guitarfish as Vulnerable because it is widely caught by artisanal and commercial fisheries for its valuable fins and meat. It is viewed as a nuisance by trawlers, however, because its bulk and thorny skin cause it to damage netted catches. Habitat degradation and destruction pose an additional, significant challenge to this ray's survival. The bowmouth guitarfish adapts well to captivity and is displayed in public aquariums.

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