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Directmall > No.1177: Yant Cloth Collection **good luck, wealth and protection > PDMAB2764
PDMAB2764 : Holy Red Cai Shen (God of Wealth) Hanging Yant Cloth with Suction Cup (Wat Lak See Rat SaMoSorn, Samut Sakhon province)
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master
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Size 21.5 x 32 cm


Magic Cloth Lovers Must See!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Cai Shen (God of Wealth), Hanging Yant Cloth with Suction Cup

Color: red

Material: holy cloth

Size: 21.5 x 32 cm

Present: complete with a suction cup to put in a car or the place you would like

From: Wat Lak See Rat SaMoSorn, Samut Sakhon province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Power: Magic Cloth with a picture of Cai Shen will suck flowing windfalls and profits.

About Cai Shen (God of Wealth):
Cai Shen (God of Wealth) is the Chinese god of prosperity worshipped in the Chinese folk religion and Taoism. He has been identified with many historical figures, viewed as his embodied forms, among whom Zhao Gongming (also known as Zhao Gong Yuanshuai "Lord Zhao the Marshal") or Bi Gan. A large temple of Cai Shen has been built in the 2000s in Zhouzhi, Xian, Shaanxi. Cai Shen's name is often invoked during the Chinese New Year celebrations. He is often depicted holding gold ingots (ancient Chinese money).

About Temple:

Wat Lak See Rat SaMoSorn is a well-known temple in Samut Sakhon Province. This temple was established with unity of local people in B.E. 2471 (C.E. 1928). Now (2015 C.E.), Wat Lak See Rat SaMoSorn is 87 years old.
This temple is famous for the beautiful holy smiling Buddha statue called “Luangpho Toh”. This Buddha statue is old with width 2 meters and height about 3 meters. This statue is made of brick covered with cement. With a kind smile of Luangpho Toh, when people see they feel happy and calm. People from different provinces come to pay respect to Luangpho Toh every day. In fact, Luangpho Toh is the center of faith of the Thai and the Chinese. What people usually do with is pasting a gold leaf on the Buddha. Now, the Buddha is all gold that looks very nice.

About Pha Yant (Magic Cloth):

“Pha Yant” or magic cloth is a longtime sacred object in Thai belief. “Pha” means cloth. “Yant” means holy characters or designs. So “Pha Yant” means a piece of cloth which has holy characters or designs.
In the past, a monk made Pha Yant for people to help them safe from war like you see outfit of ancient Thai warriors or in Muay Thai as Prajead (armbands) and Mongkol (headband).
In fact, there are many kinds of Pha Yant sorted by purpose of the maker such as for charm, protection, luck or business.
To make cloth holy, a guru monk or master will write Yant (holy characters) on the cloth and then bless it with Katha (magic spell) about the certain power they want.
You can carry the magic cloth in a pocket, bag or wallet.

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Note: The real item may be different from picture. It is in original condition from temple.
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