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Directmall > No.945: LP O **Fetch Whatever You Wish! > PDMAB178
PDMAB178 : Superb Legendary Romance Mahajakkaphat Nawafa O Yant Cloth (shroud), Red Picture (LP O, Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province )
with Katha: Amulet_LPO

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Size about 23 x 30 cm
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**Here is a new amulet from Phra Arjarn O who is experienced and trusted among worshipers.

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Mahajakkaphat Nawafa O Yant Cloth, Red Picture

Size: about 23 x 30 cm

Material: a piece of shroud

From: LP O, Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2558 B.E. (2015 C.E.)

Objectives: proceeds from the amulet for developing and restoring the temple Wat SiSuPhon

**Description: The magic cloth that will be the legend in the future from the famous and well-known magic subject. This magic cloth made from the mystic counterpane of the heaven paradise. The magic words were pressed on the mystic counterpane in "Shiny banana leaf auspicious time" before blessed each Yant with "Complete extreme blessing method" until finish for all. These special methods spend time more than 1 week to finish.

Phra Arjarn O blessed Petphayatorn magic cloth with "Complete extreme blessing method", the special blessing technique that will make the amulet has triple multiply power than normal blessing method. There is a puzzle sentence describe about this technique that:

"Water carry Fish
Crow carry Chilli
Who can interpret,
can multiply power."

The "Complete extreme blessing method" is the precious special technique that all magic teacher always keep in secret like as the forbidding magical subject. This technique must be inherited by speaking conversation between the teacher and the disciple only because this technique cannot be taught through a word on a paper or textbook. The magic teacher will teach this technique to the special disciple only. In the former time, this special technique must be inherited in the hidden place so, sometimes the magic teacher will teach this technique to his disciple on the boat among the sea.

The anxious song of love will be sung because of this magic cloth.

This Petphayatorn Magic Cloth made from the mystical cloth which has power remain itself. There are 2 kinds of mystical cloths for the owner to choose.

1. Paradise cloth

-This is the special cloth that is very difficult to get followed the magic scripture. This Paradise cloth must be kept from the hidden place by using qualified method. It is the cloth that refers to the happiness from the paradise of lover couples.

2. Wrapping soul cloth

-This is the mystical cloth that was justified in the magic scripture that "It is the powerful cloth suitable for making the magic cloth, the magic cloth made from the wrapping soul cloth will has the soul remains inside." This cloth must be kept by using qualified method and not be suitable for the fearful person.

Phra Arjarn O raised up the Petphayatorn magic cloth to the top of the pillar in the building silver Buddha ceremony on 25 November B.E.2558 to protect bad angels and bad Petphayatorn stage an uprising in the ceremony place. Therefore, it can be said that the Petphayatorn spirit that remain inside the magic cloth is more powerful than the real Petphayatorn at all.

This is the “Pure Patch” method that is one of the important processes to make the Petphayatorn magic cloth being more powerful. It is the method for making a flaw on the magic cloth by using regular technique to make the magic cloth being free from owning by anyone for all 3 worlds. Even the prince PaLee (The deity spirit who can own anything in the 3 worlds) cannot assert to own this magic cloth.

The Pure Patch method must be done by widow or virgin lady only by using the different color cloth to patch on the magic cloth. Specially, the different color cloth that was used to patch on this Petphayatorn magic cloth is Phra Arjarn O’s teacher cloth that has been kept in the magic bowl for a long time.

Therefore, every piece of Petphayatorn magic cloth will be strong and intense magical power because of having the spiritual magic teacher’s power remains inside.

This Petphayatorn magic cloth was made to inherit the legendary Petphayatorn magic cloth 1st batch which is well-known and famous till most people still seeking to own one because there are many unforgettable experiences spreading among Phra Arjarn O’s disciples. Therefore, Petphayatorn magic cloth is one of dream amulet for real fans of Phra Arjarn O’s amulets.

This Petphayatorn magic cloth was made followed the magic scripture meticulously that is very difficult to happen in this present time. The cloth was written with magic words and washed with coconut juice before loading magical power into the magic words and Petphayatorn image on the cloth. After that, Phra Arjarn O invited various kinds of spiritual prosperity to praise this Petphayatorn magic cloth until the cloth has spiritual power remain inside to listen and fulfill dream for the owner.

According to the Petphayatorn magic subject that Phra Arjarn O studied from his masters, this Petphayatorn magic cloth is excellent for charm, luck and business. Moreover, it will eliminate the opponents and even ogre, ghost, demon or angel must be in awe of this Petphayatorn magic cloth also.

Phetphayatorn holds "Curcuma Spp Flower" on the right hand to sprinkle the charming pollen to all beautiful girls. Whoever smells its pollen will be sexually aroused because of lustful mood undeniably.

On the left hand is "Charming Sword" that Phetphayatorn uses to chop wanted lady's virgin.

The magic stamp on the Phetphayatorn Magic Cloth is one of complex technique to increase the power of the cloth. The magic stamp is the secretive method that has meaning behind from the maker.

There are 2 magic stamps on the cloth. First, the calling mind Yant that will attract the person's mind to stick inside this magic cloth.

Second, the tiny Phetphayatorn Yant on the Phetphyatorn's heart that will make Phetphayatorn has double power.

**Phephayatorn Magic Cloth was elaborately designed, the square frame means that all living things always find love from 4 directions which consisted of Boy love Girl, Girl love Boy, Boy love Boy, and Girl love Girl. The 2 circles frame means the ring of love because the love must be happened from 2 persons feel anxious about each others. Moreover, the magic words that occurred on the cloth were considered and chosen carefully to make this Phetphayatorn Magic Cloth full of power and effectiveness. Invite the magic teachers and Lersi to bless power into "Phetphayatorn Magic Cloth".

About Maker:
Luangpho O (also Phra Arjarn O, abbot of Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province) is a successful guru monk whose amulets are accepted by Thai and foreign worshipers. He ever studied magic from his grandfather who was a disciple of Somdej Loon (the great Laotian monk) and has been studying making effective amulets from herbs and plants planted by himself.
With being fond of magic since a child, LP O collected magical knowledge and experience until became an expert. His amulets are various and unusual using magic and creativity. For years, LP O has built excitement for amulet circle with uncommon amulets making Thai people and foreigners have amazing results.

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Note: The real amulet may be different from picture. It is in good condition from temple.

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