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Directmall > No.1067: LP Simpalee **Wonderfully Protects & Raises Fortune > PDMAB1595
PDMAB1595 : Wealth & Better Life! Jow Sua Setthi - Kae Rae* (brass mix more ore) (LP Simpalee, Wat Pawichai Ruammit, Loei province)
with Katha: JowSua_LPSimpalee
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Size 2.5 x 3.5 cm


Superb Amulet from Amazing Guru Monk. Don’t miss out!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Jow Sua Setthi - Kae Rae* (brass mix more ore)

From: LP Simpalee, Wat Pawichai Ruammit, Loei province

Origin: Thailand

Description: Jow Sua Setthi, the excellent amulet that will bring ongoing luck and windfalls to whoever worships. Made of brass mixed with wonderful vitalizing powder (Rae Perm Parang Kai), original formula of LP Simpalee that fills the body with strength and holy ore called Lek Namphee

*This one was intensively blessed by LP Simpalee for 5 months. *Moreover LP Adithep from Wat Phrom Nuea, Chaiyaphum province exclusively blessed this amulet for 3 months to prevent the harmful nuclear power and the acid rain.

-LP Simpalee had anointed white mass on the amulet for propitiousness.

Size: 2.5 x 3.5 cm

Batch (Roon): Jow Sua Maha Setthi (120 Pi) (LP Simpalee aged 120)

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Purpose: to earn money for developing and restoring Wat Pawichai Ruammit, Loei province

About Guru Monk:
LP Simpalee was born on the 5th January B.E. 2439 (C.E. 1896) in Cambodia. He is now 117 (C.E. 2013). LP Simpalee has got Yant on his body since he was born. When he was 15, he got ordained as a novice. He learnt magic from Cambodian monks. When he was 22, he got ordained as a monk by LP Mun and LP Waen. After ordination, LP Simpalee went on a pilgrimage in PaKaoSamRoiYot, Cambodia for 25 years. He became an expert in magic and his best mindfulness made him know everything such as languages. LP Simpalee can understand English and other languages although he has never studied before. Then he went to India for a pilgrimage. In India, he taught English to Indian secondary students for 7 years. When he came back to Thailand, he built the temple in Buriram Province. He had been an abbot of his temple for 23 years before he left the temple to go on a pilgrimage. He appointed a monk as an abbot in place of him. Later, LP Simpalee was appointed as an ambassador monk by Somdej Pra SangKaraj, the leader of monks in Thailand to teach dharma people in other countries. After that, in B.E. 2546 (C.E. 2003), he built Wat Pawichai Ruammit in Loei Province. He has been an abbot of Wat Pawichai Ruammit since that time.

Wonderful Experiences:
People who have LP Simpalee’s amulets have wonderful experiences for example:
1. A female worshipper having Look Om, one day, she drove to the car wash shop. While she was waiting for her car, the other customers gradually came. She believes that Look Om by LP Simpalee can attract people.
2. A male worshipper having Takrut Dueng Lai Mue, the first day, he was dizzy. He thought he had that symptom because he was in the beginning. Now, he has got long palm lines and when the weather is cold, he feels warm. His health is better. He also has Takrut Mia Mak. When he goes, he feels girls look at him.
3. The pyramid amulet by LP Simpalee is made of Rae Perm Parang Kai. You can wear it when you do exercise, running, dancing, sporting and etc. Pyramid can help your body warm. If you feel cold, you will feel warm and not be tired easily. After you wear pyramid you will have more energy. Everybody (all ages) can wear pyramid.

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