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Directmall > Bodh Gaya Foundation, Phetchaburi **Protect & Glory > PDMAA8946
Directmall > Meritful Value Promotion > PDMAA8946
PDMAA8946 : Holy Phra Somdej Set (10 pcs) in Neat Wooden Box (Bodh Gaya Foundation, Phetchaburi province)
with Katha: SD_Master
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Size 2.9 x 5 cm


Do not miss!

100% Authentic from Temple

**Bodh Gaya Foundation cooperated with Wat Rakhang, Bangkok proudly presents holy collection of Phra Somdej which is made of holy mass and passed hallowed blessing ceremony performed by respectable guru monks.

Name: Phra Somdej Set (10 pcs) in Neat Wooden Box

From: Bodh Gaya Foundation, Phetchaburi province

Origin: Thailand

Size: amulet 2.9 x 5 cm

Volume: only 19,999 sets

**Power: Phra Somdej amulet is rare, precious and very popular, first made by Somdej Toh PhromRangSri, in the reign of King Rama the Fourth. Phra Somdej Amulet is accepted as The Eternal Best Amulet or The Emperor of The Amulets as well as is what many amulet collectors want to possess. People believe Phra Somdej amulet has several powers in itself as follows charm, protection, being invulnerable, good luck and wealth. Also, it is regarded to support a person’s ascendancy.

Batch Name (Roon): Yon Yuk 108 Pi (retro 108 years)

Release Year: 2558 B.E. (2015 C.E.)

Objectives: proceeds for building the dharma retreat under the supervision of Bodh Gaya Foundation

**Holy blessing ceremony (Phuttha Phisek) was held 2 times.
1. on 13 June 2013 at Wat Rakhang, Bangkok that Jow Khun Thiang (abbot of Wat Rakhang) was the president of the ceremony
2. on 26 October 2014 at Bodh Gaya Foundation, Phetchaburi province that top guru monks participated such as LP Poon (Wat Ban Pan, Ayutthaya province), LP Maha Surasak (Wat Pradu, Samut Songkhram province), etc.

Names of Holy Powder Used to Make Phra Somdej:
1. Phong Yant Man Dara
2. Phong Yant Jow Samut
3. Phong Yant Patthamang
4. Phong Yant Phaya Taw
5. Phong Yant Ithije
6. Phong Yant Tree Nisinghe
7. Phong Pathavithat (mineral powder)
8. Joss stick ash after being lit while meditation
9. Wanh Salika powder (from a charm plant)
10. Wanh Maha Saney powder (from many charm plants)
11. Phong Yant Maharat
12. Phong Yant Krut Naa Thong

How to Get Phong Yant (holy powder):
Phong Yant comes from writing and erasing magical scripts. A guru monk writes magical scripts on a slate board with a pencil made of special mass. While writing, he spells Katha along. When he finishes writing, he erases. The guru monk has to write and erase many times to get a lot of powder.

About Somdej Toh:
Somdej Toh Phromrangsi or frequently called Somdej Toh is a timeless monk of Thailand and the first monk who created Phra Somdej. He was a former abbot of Wat Rakhang, Bangkok. He was born in the reign of King Rama I (early Rattanagosin period) on Thursday the 17th April B.E. 2331 (C.E. 1788). He got ordained as a novice in B.E. 2343 (C.E. 1800). He got ordained as a monk in B.E. 2350 (C.E. 1807). In B.E. 2407 (C.E. 1864), he was given a rank as Somdej Toh (the word Somdej for a monk is a high position). Somdej Toh passed away on Saturday the 22nd June B.E. 2415 (C.E. 1872) at age 85.

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Note: The real amulet may be different from picture. It is in good condition from temple.

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