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PDMAA6206 : Sacred Yee Go Hong Locket (God of Gambling) (AJ Thep, Thailand )
with Katha: God_YeeGoHong
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Get ready and experience real powers by yourself.

100% Authentic from Guru Master

Name: Yee Go Hong Locket

From: AJ Thep, Thailand

Material: enameled metal case filled with sacred mass

Presented: embedded with gems, dice, coin and small metal spiders for good luck.

**Fact: Yee Go Hong is the first Chinese man who began lottery in Thailand.

**Power: have good luck, win gambling

**History of Yee Go Hong:
Yee Go Hong was a millionaire. He was born in Thailand in the reign of King Rama the Fourth. His mother was Thai, but his father was Chinese. He ran business in Thailand and his business was very successful. Soon, he became a millionaire. He had a lot of business. The outstanding one of his business was opening illegal gambling house.
Yee Go Hong used to study magic. He used his magic with his gambling house, so he always won and no one could cheat him. Yee Go Hong was not a stingy millionaire. He was generous. He liked to help poor people. He established a foundation to help people.
Yee Go Hong died in C.E. 1936. The government pulled down Yee Go Hong’s house to build Plubplachai Police Station, Plubplachai District, Bangkok. When the police station was finished, the government built Yee Go Hong Shrine to honor him at the fourth floor, Plubplachai Police Station.
Today, people come to pay respect to Yee Go Hong every day. They pray to Yee Go Hong statue for lottery, gambling, business and others. Wonderfully, most people get what they wish.

Release Year: 2557 B.E. (2014 C.E.)

Purpose: AJ Thep would like to use his magical knowledge to help people.

Ceremony: AJ Thep intensively consecrated this collection by himself.

**About the Guru Master:
AJ Thep is a skilled guru master. With being fond of mantra, AJ Thep studied it seriously until he became a master. He uses his magical competence to help people. He is good at charm. His amulets are interesting. So, prove the real powers by yourself.

This content has copyright and duplication is not permitted.

Note: The real one may be different from the picture because this picture is an example.

Special Service: We are glad to provide our Luang Pu customers Katha in text and MP3 and instructions for the amulets.

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