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Directmall > 5 Guru Monks > PDMAA5502
PDMAA5502 : Recommended Sacred LOCKET SEE METUN GAMMAKHUN HA Embedded with Bone, Copper Takrut and Mineral Bead Blessed Almost for 1 Year b ( LP Thep ThepInTho, Nakhon Ratchasima Province )
with Katha: SE_Locket_LPThepThepInTho

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Size 2.2 x 3.2 cm


100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Locket See Metun Gammakhun Ha (**picture: a man with many ladies)

From: LP Thep ThepInTho, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Origin: Thailand

Purpose of Making: proceeds for developing and restoring the temple

Ceremony: LP Thep fully intensively consecrated this amulet by himself for 9 months spelling Katha for more than 1,000 times.

**STRONG MATERIALS: Enameled Front, Back Filled with Sacred Mass made of
1. Soil from Mystical Places
2. Gibbon’s Urine Believed to Produce Charm (very important)
3. Bone Powder
4. Charm Plant Powder

**PRESENTED: Touched with Spirit Oil and Soaked in Oil Stirred with 12 Specific Charm Plants Using All Parts: Pollens, Flowers, Leaves, Roots and Bulb

Size: 2.2 x 3.2 cm

Amount of Making: only 500 pieces

**POWER: believed to fulfill passionate love

(**Caution: Do not use in immoral ways.)

LP Thep (full name: LP Thep ThepInTho) who is a disciple of LP Suang (the most uncommon guru monk in Thai history) is a Buddhist pilgrim monk. His hometown is Nakhon Ratchasima Province. He often travels in the woods and the mountains for mysticism. That is to say, LP Thep steps on almost every region of Thailand. He has ever been on a pilgrimage to Pu Kradueng, Loei Province, Thailand and Pukow Kwai, Laos. LP Thep has been interested in mantras and magic for a long time. He has learnt mantras and magic from many guru adepts. He knows Khmer magic and consecrates amulets very well. With strong magic in his body, he is too energetic that he has to go to many calm places to stay calm. For consecration, LP Thep gives all his skills, energy and soul to build up the great power to what he consecrates. He might spend 1 year on blessing per 1 collection. During consecration ceremony, no one is allowed to enter. LP Thep will not finish consecrating if he feels his amulets are not powerful enough. He does until he is so sure about the power.

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Note: The real one may be different from the picture because this picture is an example.

**Special Service: We are welcome to provide our Luang Pu customers Katha in text and MP3 and instructions for all amulets if they have.

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