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PDMAA5201 : Sacred Amulet of Timeless Monks Luang Pu Thuad-Somdej Toh Amulet by LP Prasoot (LP Prasoot, Wat Nai Tao, Trang Province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPThuad, CH_LPToh_short
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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Luang Pu Thuad-Somdej Toh Amulet

From: LP Prasoot, Wat Nai Tao, Trang Province

Origin: Thailand

Release Year: B.E. 2551 (C.E. 2008)

Material: LP Prasoot gave holy ingredients (auspicious wood powder mixed with sacred ore powder) to the maker to make amulet.

Size: diameter 5 cm

Features: The front has LP Thuad image and the back has Somdej Toh image.

**Power: 1. LP Thuad has been known widely in Thailand for a long time. His power is great. People who worship LP Thuad could wonderfully survive from a severe accident or being killed. That why Thai people have strong faith in LP Thuad. They believe LP Thuad can make them safe and fulfill what they think to do in good way.

2. LP Toh is an eternal superb guru monk of Thailand who has timeless power. The amulet of LP Toh is regarded as a high power amulet that is very popular and rare. Whoever worships amulet of LP Toh will be safe all the time, lucky, wealthy and prosperous. The merit of LP Toh will protect the worshipper from all dangers, accidents and bad things as well as fulfill the wishes of the worshipper.

Purpose of Making: proceeds to help the school finish enlargement using more than 2 million baht

Consecration: LP Prasoot consecrated this amulet by himself on 6 August 2008 from 7.39 P.M. to almost 9 P.M. at Phutthagosi Cave in the area of Wat Nai Tao. During ceremony, 5 monks chanted along until the ceremony finished.

Guru Monk Introduction:
LP Prasoot is an abbot of Wat Nai Tao in Trang Province. He is very famous. He participates in many big blessing ceremonies. His amulets are powerful and popular for example Hoon Phayon and Takrut. LP Prasoot is a developer. He is a good monk. People in Trang Province and other provinces in the southern region admire and respect him.

LP Prasoot was born on the 19th October B.E. 2508 (C.E. 1965) in Trang Province. He got ordained as a monk when he was 21 in B.E. 2529 (C.E. 1986) at Wat Huay Yot in Trang Province. At Wat Huay Yot, LP Prasoot learnt amulet consecration. Then he went on a pilgrimage to practice meditation. After a pilgrimage, he had stronger mindfulness.

More about LP Thuad:
Luang Pu Thuad, born B.E. 2125 (C.E. 1582), died B.E. 2225 (C.E. 1682) is a revered Buddhist monk who lived in Siam. He is said to have performed miracles. Luang Pu Thuad is mentioned in the early regional histories of southern Thailand, but his life is mainly preserved in oral. His movements throughout the Southern peninsula constitute a path of pilgrimage for many of his followers. Many people in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia believe that amulets created in Luang Pu Thuad's image hold great protective powers granting safety in times of distress, especially saving the lives of believers from seemingly fatal automobile accidents. Phra Archan Tim Dharmataro, abbot of Wat Chang Hai is the pioneer creator of Phra Luang Phor Thuad amulets. Old sacred amulets of Pu Thuad are considered priceless and very powerful.

About Somdej Toh:
Somdej Toh is the great monk in Thai history whom Thai people never forget because his power is eternal. He passed away long time ago, but his name is still popular. He is famous for Phra Somdej which has very strong protection power saving people from dangers.
Somdej Toh is a timeless monk of Thailand and the first person who created Phra Somdej. He was a former abbot of Wat Rakhang, Bangkok. He was born in the reign of King Rama I (early Rattanagosin period) on Thursday the 17th April B.E. 2331 (C.E. 1788). He got ordained as a novice in B.E. 2343 (C.E. 1800). He got ordained as a monk in B.E. 2350 (C.E. 1807). In B.E. 2407 (C.E. 1864), he was given a rank as “Somdej Toh” (the word “Somdej” for a monk is a high position). Somdej Toh passed away on Saturday the 22nd June B.E. 2415 (C.E. 1872) at age 85.

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