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Directmall > LP Yam, Wat TaKhian, Nonthaburi Province > PDMAA4462
PDMAA4462 : Limited Edition Holy Set 1 (LP Yam, Wat TaKhian, Nonthaburi Province)
with Katha: Tiger_LPYamWatTaKian
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Stock Status Discontinued   
Size tiger amulet 3.5 cm x 0.5 cm
Pah Yant (magical cloth) 22.3 cm x 29.5 cm


**This set consists of 3 items:
1. Copper Tiger Amulet 1 Piece, 3.5 cm
2. Holy Powder LP Yam Amulet, 1 Piece
3. Magical Cloth 1 Piece

By: LP Yam, Wat TaKhian, Nonthaburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: age 97 of LP Yam

Year: B.E. 2556 (C.E. 2013)

Purpose of Making:
1. to celebrate 97th birthday of LP Yam
2. to take proceeds to develop and restore the temple

Ceremony: This set was made by Wat TaKhian on an occasion of age 97 of LP Yam in C.E. 2013. The temple presented such as tiger amulets, Luang Pu Yam amulets, etc. LP Yam intensively blessed and almost 40 guru monks from every part of Thailand joined in blessing. The blessing ran for full 9 days.

Size: tiger amulet 3.5 cm x 0.5 cm, Pah Yant (magical cloth) 22.3 cm x 29.5 cm

Present: LP Yam amulet is made of powder of 108 kinds of Thai herbs having LP Yam portrait on the front and a sacred sign (Yant) on the back.

**Power: protection, being invulnerable, auspiciousness, good luck

Guru Monk Introduction: Luang Pu Yam of Wat TaKhian, Nonthaburi Province (often called Luang Pu Yam Wat TaKhian) is a famous guru monk who lots of Thai Buddhists love and respect. His well-known sacred amulets are Takrut Puen Taek and Suea Puen Taek (a tiger amulet).

LP Yam was born on Thursday the 10th May B.E. 2459 (C.E. 1916) in Samut Sakorn Province. He got ordained as a Buddhist monk at age 20 with parent approval. After ordination, LP Yam paid a lot of attention to monk discipline and rules, dharma and monk study. First year, he could accomplish basic Buddhist general knowledge. As a new monk, LP Yam was eager to learn new things. He has technical skill. Once, LP Yam helped the temple (Wat Lak Sorng Bamrungraj, Samut Sakorn Province) to make roof tiles to build monk homes.

Besides, LP Yam is interested in herbal medicine. When he was young, he studied herbs by himself.
When he had enough herbal knowledge, he began to cure sick people. Soon, LP Yam became well-known for efficacious herbal medicine. After that, he met a senior guru monk, LP Sai of Wat Thung Song Hong, Samut Sakorn Province. LP Sai taught LP Yam all kinds of Mantra. Soon, LP Yam was good at magic.

Ten years after ordination, uncle of LP Yam persuaded LP Yam to move to Wat TaKhian in Nonthaburi Province in order to stay with his son who was a monk there. After an abbot of Wat TaKhian passed away, LP Yam was appointed to be an abbot.

LP Yam is merciful. He raises many stray dogs. These dogs never bite LP Yam at all, but they sometimes bite people. One day, LP Yam was afraid that his dogs might be hit by people. That gave him an idea to make Takrut to protect his dogs. The Takrut was name Takrut Kor Maa that means A Dog Collar Takrut. Then he wore Takrut on each dog. Since then, the dogs have not been injured. Some people heard that and tried to prove the power of takrut. So, they shot the dogs. The result was that people’s guns exploded.

That became the talk of the town. Many people went to LP Yam to ask for Takrut. When we talk about Takrut by LP Yam, we have to talk about Suea Puen Taek (a tiger amulet). This tiger amulet is believed to have real protection power. A police officer heard LP Yam made lead tiger amulets to make money to develop the temple. He wanted to prove the power of a tiger amulet. One day, he went to Wat TaKhian. He borrowed a tiger amulet from a temple boy. He took amulet to shoot. He shot for 3 times and the last time his gun exploded in his hand. His hand had a big wound. The two stories are in many wonderful stories of holy amulets by LP Yam Wat TaKhian.

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Note: The real amulets may be different from the pictures because these pictures are examples.

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