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Directmall > No.945: LP O **Fetch Whatever You Wish! > PDMAA10036
PDMAA10036 : Powerful Takrut AngKaChar (concentrated mystical metal) (LP O, Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province )
with Katha: Amulet_LPO

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Size 0.6 x 2.1 cm


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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Takrut AngKaChar (concentrated mystical metal)

From: LP O, Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province

Origin: Thailand

Takrut AngKaChar is the one of great charming Takrut which concentrate on strong passion, sexual desire and lustful mood. Especially, when the owner of this Takrut carry this Takrut together with Phor Ngang, the power from both of Phor Ngang and Takrut Ang Ka Char will be rised for each other extremely. The method to use like as Takrut Sanae Jaikard which the owner can put the name of a person inside the Takrut , the Takrut Ang Ka Char will make that person have sexual feeling easily, want to be with you all the time, and always thinking of you. Who has this Takrut will be fulfilled with sexual purpose. There are some specific using methods that only the owner will know.

When talking about the charming magic subject, the Takrut Sanae Jaikard of Phra Arjarn O is one of well-known amulets for the amulet lovers which have more than 10 generations now. However, this Takrut Ang Ka Char is one of charming Takrut which rarely made for rent because normally, Phra Arjarn O will make this Takrut for close disciples only.

Takrut Ang Ka Char is one of the magic subjects in the line of Grandfather Thepprasit & Grandfather Theppratarnporn which concentrate on sexual purpose only. Even one disciple of Phra Arjarn O who studied magic subjects for a long time until be Casanova asked Phra Arjarn O that why Phra Arjarn O did not teach him this subject first so, the others magic subjects will not necessary for him because whenever he use this subject, he always get the girls he want unmistakable.

This version will be more special and powerful than the previous version. There are many complex producing methods and mystical thing happened too. First, Phra Arjarn O has to write AngKaChar magic words on different metal plate which consist of silver, brass and copper more than 100 plates. After that, Phra Arjarn O used these 100 holy plates to melt all together to be the holy bronze stick for preparing to make Takrut AngKaChar concentrated mystical metal. Specially, when the 3 types of metal which was written by the same magic word were combined together, the power of that magic word will be more stronger and powerful than 100times like as fire&oil. However, when Phra Arjarn O bring the materials to the metalworkers, the unexpected situation happened because the metalworkers told Phra Arjan O that they cannot melt the 100 magic plates and other holy materials into liquid form so, Phra Arjarn O decided to melt those material by himself until those materials change to be the bronze stick successfully.

Moreover, when Phra Arjarn O brought the bronze stick to the metalworkers to melt the bronze stick into Takrut form, they told Phra Arjarn O again that they have no idea to melt it to be liquid form because even they used fire at high temperature but, the bronze stick still not be changed so, Phra Arjarn O have to melt the bronze stick into Takrut AngKaChar by himself again.

After that, Phra Arjan O brought Takrut AngKaChar to soak in the Angkachar oil for increasing charming power.

The Angkachar oil made from the sesame oil that was brought from 7 shops and then used 7 women to squeeze the oil. Phra Arjarn O blessed the Angkachar oil with Angkachar charming subject which focus on sexual attraction in the mystic bronze pot. Moreover, this Angkachar oil was also used to soak the Legendary Ngang of Phra Arjarn O. Moreover, Phra Arjarn O blessed this Takrut AngKaChar in the ceremony room with the special magic subject beginning at the first part, second part and third part respectively until the AngKaChar oil boil by itself and the incense smoke evolve and twist up. Therefore, this version is full of concentrated materials and full of magic power than the first version for sure.

*All genders and ages can use this amulet.*

Release Year: 2558 B.E. (2015 C.E.)

Objectives: proceeds for developing and restoring Wat SiSuPhon

About Maker:
Luangpho O (abbot of Wat SiSuPhon, Phetchabun province) is a successful guru monk whose amulets are accepted by Thai and foreign worshipers. He ever studied magic from his grandfather who was a disciple of Somdej Loon (the great Laotian monk) and has been studying making effective amulets from herbs and plants planted by himself.
With being fond of magic since a child, LP O collected magical knowledge and experience until became an expert. His amulets are various and unusual using magic and creativity. For years, LP O has built excitement for amulet circle with uncommon amulets making Thai people and foreigners have amazing results.

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