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PDMAA10024 : Marvelous See Phueng Gom Nang (wax) *for love and biz (LP Adithep, Wat Phrom Nuea, Chaiyaphum province)
with Katha: Salika_Master
Stock Status Low in Stock   
(5 left in stock)
Size 3.3 x 2 cm
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*This is your good chance to own powerful amulet from a very skilled guru monk!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: See Phueng Gom Nang (wax)

From: LP Adithep, Wat Phrom Nuea, Chaiyaphum province

Origin: Thailand

Release Year: 2558 B.E. (2015 C.E.)

Do not miss!

**This is a powerful Convincing and Fascinating Wax for love and business.

**See Phueng Gom Nang (wax) was once made together with Phaya Tao Ruean Oil by LP Adithep. Both wax and oil made people do business very well and also made them have more than one sweetheart. When LP Adithep heard that people who used his amulets had many partners, he stopped making them.

**It is important to use See Phueng Gom Nang (wax) in a good way not for adultery. However, this year, LP Adithep decided to make See Phueng Gom Nang again for people who are really interested in order to make money to develop the temple.

**Amount of See Phueng Gom Nang is limited because some Wanh (plants) are hard to find.
**Extra with dry leaves of Wanh Maha Long (charm plant) that you can encase them and carry or put in another lip wax you use.
**This wax is applied on lips so that the user will charm and convince anyone when speaking.

Size: cassette 3.3 x 2 cm

Objectives: These amulets were made to make money to develop Wat Phrom Nuea.

Guru Monk Introduction:
LUANGPHO ADITHEP is an experienced guru monk from Chaiyaphum province. At present, he is an abbot of Wat Phrom Nuea in Chaiyaphum. Some people may not know of him, but his magic and mantra ability is not common. Amulets from LP Adithep are powerful. Luagpho always does by himself with accurate method, materials and time or he does not make absolutely because he wants people to get the best amulets from him. Specially, LP Adithep can embed Lek Lai of invulnerability in people who believe. Also, LP Adithep is a junior of LP Simpalee, a superb guru monk who makes
famous miraculous energy mineral powder (Rae Perm Palang Kai).

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.

Note: The real one may be different from picture. It is in good condition from temple.

We have Katha for every amulet in text and MP3 and instructions at Bonus File.

Amulets by LP Adithep, Wat Phrom Nuea, Chaiyaphum province

product detail / customize add to cart $9.69
Marvelous See Phueng Gom Nang (wax) *for love and biz
with Katha Salika_Master

LP Adithep, Wat Phrom Nuea, Chaiyaphum province

product detail / customize add to cart $19.36
Marvelous Kit of Khun Paen Prai Guman Jow Pa *high protect, charm, invulnerable
with Katha KP_LPAdithep

LP Adithep, Wat Phrom Nuea, Chaiyaphum province

Copyright (c) 2006, All rights reserved.