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PBUPZ954 : OLD B.E. 2498 LP Parn amulet Pim“Song Phaya Krut Lek(Small Garuda)” (Buddha) (LP Lersi LingDam, Thai amulet)
with Katha: Buddha_LPParn
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Size 1.8 cm x 2 cm


Old B.E.2498 LP Parn amulet Phim “Song Phaya Krut Lek(Small Garuda)” by LP
Lersi LingDam - The Most Strongest Material.

100% Authentic from temple

Name: LP Parn amulet Pim“Song Phaya Krut Lek(Small Garuda)”

From: LP Lersi LingDam, Wat ThaSung, U-ThaiThaNi Province.

Color/Presented: Red-Brown/ on the front had Buddha image sitting on Garuda.

Material: Baked clay with holy powder. Please have a look! LP Lersi LingDam put holy mass on the top of Buddha amulet one by one.

Year: C.E. 1955 (B.E. 2498)

Size: 1.8 cm x 2 cm

Origin: Thailand

Ceremony: LP Lersi LingDam has been studied the art of making efficacious Buddha image follows LP Parn.
Purpose for Making: Making this Buddha amulet is joining donation at the temple

Powerful: The power of Phayakrut(garuda) can separate into 8 kinds as follow:-
The power of garuda is a great prestige.
The power of garuda can wipe out all black magic and evil.
The power of garuda can bring prosperity.
The power of garuda can protect from all danger and invulnerable for life.
The power can bring Metta Hahaniyom(great kindness) for life.
The power can bring peaceful for life.
The power can bring good trading and bring luck for life.
The power can protect from all danger animal such as snake.
History of PhayaKrut:
PhayaKrut (King of Garuda) is a beast god with powerful. He has a palace in the nether world. The person who can see Pha Ya Krut need to have a virtue together. Hindus respect Pha Ya Krut that he is one of god.
In the Hindu legend said that when Pha Ya Krut was born, his body has a halo with shine. He has power as a result of accumulated merit. Also, Pha Ya Krut is a beast god who have powerful similar with Narayana God.
Pha Ya Krut is magic animal who is immortal life.

Biography of LP Lersi LingDam:
LP Lersi Lingdam was born on 28 June 1917(B.E.2460) at Suphan Buri province. At the age of 15 year, he came to Bangkok and stayed with his grandmother. He was studied plan ancient medicine until the age of 19 year old. At same time, he was a naval officer pharmacist of government doctor naval officer department for two years. LP Luesi Lingdam was a close disciple of LP Parn, Wat BangNomkho and was ordained by LP Parn in 1937.
LP studied dharma and magical knowledge from many gurus since 1937 to 1941 such as LP Parn(Wat BangNomKo), LP Jong(Wat NaTangNok), Phra Arjarn Lek(Wat BangNomKo), Phra Kru RattanaPirom(Wat Baan Pan), Phra Kru Udom Samajarn(Wat Nam Tao), LP Soon(Wat Bang Pla Mor), LP Niem(Wat Noi), LP Nong(Wat Ampawan) and LP Neung.
LP was an abbot of Wat ThaSung for 24 years. LP developed temple and people all the time. In the past, LP Lersi Lingdam was an abbot of Wat SaPhan, ChaiNat province. The LP was always in Charn (highly meditative) state, his six senses fully opened all the time. LP had magic eyes & ears that could see and hear what ordinary people could not. LP could foresee future events correctly. LP learned Supra Dhamma directly from Lord Buddha by meditating deeply and making out-of-bodying to Nipphan celestial where Lord Buddha presents. LP created various amulets with the guidance of Lord Buddha.
Wat JanTaRam(Wat ThaSung) located at U-ThaiThaNi province. LP Lersi LingDam was an abbot at this temple. He was passed away on 30 December 1992(B.E.2535). Nowadays, his body is not decomposed. People worship his body daily.

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