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PBUPZ8436 : Protect & Help All! Rare collection B.E.2533 Phra Buddha Sothon Medal by KB In Into (KB In Into, Wat Fah Lang, Chiang Mai Province )
with Katha: Buddha_Sothorn

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Size 2.3 x 3.5 cm
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Do not miss holy amulet from worshipful monk whom you can respect wholeheartedly!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: B.E.2533 Buddha Sothon Medal by KB In Into

Present: This medal is one batch by KB In Into which is very good to collect. KB invited LP Sothon image to be imprinted on medal. Backside has KB In Into image in meditation posture. Today this medal is rare to find.

From: KB In Into, Wat Fah Lang, Chiang Mai Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E. 2533 (C.E.1990)

Material: copper

Size: 2.3 x 3.5 cm

Purpose of Making: to earn donations to develop and restore old buildings in temple.

Ceremony: KB In Into blessed this medal by himself with mantra and mindstream.

Power: This medal from KB In Into is good in every aspect. Who has faith and wears will travel safely and sleep safely, be lucky, prosperous and successful in career and business.

Buddha Sothon (well-known as Luangpho Sothon) is the famous Buddha image, situated in the chapel of Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan, Chachoengsao province. For decades, faith in Buddha Sothon has not decreased. People from all regions of Thailand come to pay respect to Buddha Sothon. Thai people believe Buddha Sothon brings security, good luck, wealth and prosperity to people who worship.

Biography of KB In Into:
(KB stands for “Kruba”, Thai northern dialect to call a monk)
KB In Into was an important worshipful monk of Thailand. He was a former abbot of Wat KanTaWas (former name: Wat Toong Pui) in Chiang Mai Province, the north of Thailand. He was born on the 6th February B.E. 2446 (C.E. 1903), the reign of King Rama V (King Chulalongkorn).
As a layman, he was a good man. He never killed animals. He helped his parent work diligently. When he was 11, he studied at the temple. When he was 20, he got ordained as a monk in order to find out the real matter of life. After ordination, he set his heart on dharma of Buddha and meditation.
KB In Into was a good model for people. He was well-behaved, lived simply and devoted himself to maintaining Buddhism. He always taught people that there is nothing helps a person, but his good karma.
KB In Into passed away on the 12th April B.E. 2546 (C.E. 2003) at the age of 100. With his merit, his body does not decay after his death.
Today, his body is kept in a transparent coffin at Wat KanTaWas, Chiang Mai Province. Many people visit there to pay respect to his body. That is to say, although KB In Into is gone, good things he did make his name eternal.

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