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PBUPZ828 : B.E. 2532 Arjarn Noo Ganpai Coin (Guru) (AJ Noo, Thai amulet)
with Katha: PROTECT_Master
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Size 2.5 cm x 4 cm
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Spiritual Arjarn Noo Ganpai Coin – Safeguard from Any Harm and Black Magic
as well as Add Metta from people surround!! This is One of Top layman in
Thailand now!! Many celebrities go to sak yant with him everyday!!Read his
unbelievable ability from our article about Sak yant!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name : B.E. 2532 Arjarn Noo Ganpai Coin (Guru)

From : Arjarn Noo Ganpai

Color : Gold

Size : 2.5 cm x 4 cm

Year : B.E.2532 (B.E.1989)

Origin : Thailand

Purpose for making :
Making this amulet is joining donation at the temple

Powerful :
This coin is great for protection from any dangers. Also, this coin can bring metta (great kindness) from others.

Materials : Holy Metal

Feature of this amulet:
On the front presents Arjarn Noo picture with incantations. On the back presents full of magic incantations.

Biography of Arjarn Noo1:
The birthplace of Arjan Noo Kanphai is Bangbua-Thong, Nontaburi, Thailand. His parents are Mr.Koon and Mrs. Sawang Kanphai and he is the 3rd of 5 brothers. His educate is grade 4 because when he was young his family is poor. Arjan Noo must get out from school to help his family-economic. When he was young, he always interested in everything all about knowledge. He enthusiasts to learn many magic power of sprit because of there were many gangsters around him. The way to save him from the battle of gangsters was learned magic power sprits as much as he can. In the beginning, Arjan Noo studied from old magic-spell book that he received from his father.
Then Arjan Noo develop himself by learned how to read and write more about Khmer Alphabet (Very old alphabets of Thai’s language) until became an expert. After that, he enhanced himself about tattooing and he want to learn the core of them. He decided to be a neo-monk (another word we call “nain”) and help everyone nearby the temple with magic tattoos and magic power. Till he was 20, he became a monk of Lahan Temple, Nontaburi province of Thailand, when he stayed here everyone who believed in him came to see him again. One day, Arjan Noo travel by feet to all around temple in the East and Northeastern part of Thailand to seek for the well-known monk-masters to study more about magic power. On the way of travel, Arjan Noo received many more special knowledge from great master monks such as secret book of Luang Poo Sook Watpakklong-makamtao Chainat, Luang Por Ngern Watbangklan Pichit, Luang Por Klan Watpra-yat Adyuttaya, Luang Por Pring Watbangpakok Bangkok, Luang Por Roun Watkaoyod Bangkok. After that, he came back to stay at Wattalad-Neor temple Tambol Bangkayang Ampher Muang, Nontaburi and tattooed everyone who believed in this ancient knowledge and great magic power of him. From his ability, a monk-governor of Wattalad-Neor will set down him to be a new governor of this temple. Arjan Noo thought that it was not proper for him who love tattooing and can’t do this when he became a monk-governor of Wattalad-Neor. Arjan Noo decided to get out form monk to be an ordinary man and established a tattoo’s office beside Wattalad-Neor temple since that till 2004 AD. Now his reputation is well known that tattoos from him is the greatest tattoos of Thailand


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