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PBUPZ7634R : Best of Protection 1st Batch 1975 C.E. Phra Somdej Phutthachaimongkol Marnvichai Sao 5 (LP Sanit, Wat Lumbualoy, Nahon Naiyok Province )
with Katha: SD_Master
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Good Amulet for Collectors!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: 1st Batch Phra Somdej Phutthachaimongkol Marnvichai Sao 5 *Pim Yai (big)

From: LP Sanit, Wat Lumbualoy, Nahon Naiyok Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2518 B.E. (1975 C.E.)

Material: This Buddha amulet is created of holy powder that LP Sanit set his heart on blessing.

Purpose of Making: Picture of Buddha on the amulet is the main Buddha image in the Ubosot Chapel of Wat Lumbualoy which people highly respect. LP Sanit invited the Buddha to be imprinted on the amulet for people to worship. First released in 1975.

Ceremony: This Buddha amulet was blessed by LP Sanit in the holy auspicious ceremony called ‘Phithee Luean Samanasak’ for a monk who receives a higher rank from the King, ‘Sao 5’ Day on 27 May 1975.

*Sao 5 (Sao Ha) is Saturday 5th waning or waxing moon in May according to lunar calendar. This day is not often seen. In old belief, Saturn is powerful and this day receives power of Saturn. So, guru monks try to hold amulet consecration on this day so that the amulets will fully absorb power from Saturn.

Power: This Buddha amulet by LP Sanit is reputed to make believer prosperous especially moving to higher rank and also safe from harm and dangers.

Biography of LP Sanit:
LP Sanit, Wat Lumbualoy was one of well known monk in Thailand because his amulets are very sacred. LP Sanit was born on 9 April B.E.2468 (C.E.1925) at Prachinburi province. LP Sanit was ordained at Wat Tha Rue on 28 April B.E.2491 (C.E.1948). After ordination, LP Sanit went back to WatLumbualoy to restore and develop the temple. LP Sanit studied the magic from many top monks such as “LP Dun of Wat Kuthi”, “LP Seng of Wat Sansee”, “LP Tee of Wat Thaow Uthong” and other. LP Sanit passed away on 14 March B.E.2542 (C.E.1999) when he was 74 years old.

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