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PBUPZ7625R : Rare Collection Phra Somdej Sai Rung, 1992 C.E. (LP Pae, Wat PiKulThong, Singburi Province)
with Katha: SD_Master
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Phra Somdej Sai Rung

**Sai Rung means having rainbow layers.

From: LP Pae, Wat PiKulThong, Singburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2535 B.E. (1992 C.E.)

Material: This amulet is made of holy powder that LP Pae produced by himself by writing and erasing Yant consisting of Phong ItThiJe, Phong PaThaMang, Phong Maharaj, Phong TreeNiSingHe and Phong Phutthakhun. As for Phong Phutthakhun, LP Pae wrote it with Katha Chinnabanchorn that is heart mantra of Phra Somdej.

Ceremony: This amulet was intensively blessed by LP Pae in 1992.

Power: This amulet by LP Pae holds typical power of Phra Somdej that is believed to save worshiper’s life from harm and dangers. Not only that, it also brings good luck and people mercy.

**In fact, in making amulets, LP Pae did not focus on beauty, but sacredness that he was elaborate with blessing both mantra and mind power. That made his amulets so powerful in many aspects.

Objective: to earn donations for developing and restoring the temple

About LP Pae:
LP Pae of Wat PiKulThong, Singburi Province was a famous guru monk in the past (C.E. 1905 – 1999). He is a timeless monk of Thailand whom people remember of good behavior and holy amulets.
LP Pae was born on 1 January B.E. 2448 (C.E. 1905) in Singburi Province. When he was 11, his parents took him to a monk to learn Thai language, Khmer language and Buddhist scriptures.When he was 14, his parents sent him to Bangkok to LP Som, a Cambodian monk at Wat Chana Songkhram to learn more what he had learnt for a year. After that, he became Pali student learning Pali, language used in Buddhism at Wat Mahathat, Bangkok. When he was 16, he came back Singburi and got ordained as a novice on 15 April B.E. 2463 (C.E. 1920) at Wat PiKulThong. After ordination, he came back Wat Mahathat in Bangkok. Until age 21, he got ordained as a monk on 21 April B.E. 2469 (C.E. 1926) at Wat PiKulThong, Singburi.
LP Pae gave important to learning. He learnt many things in Buddhism: dharma, meditation, incantations and spells (Katha). He progressed in those. He learnt more contemplation at Wat Pho, Bangkok. Between B.E. 2471 – 2472 (C.E. 1928 – 1929), he was a Pali teacher at Wat Chana SongKhram, Bangkok.
LP Pae did not develop his temple but also supported social affairs in education and public health for example Singburi Hospital where LP Pae donated some money to build the buildings for patients and medical working. Additionally, LP Pae contributed other temples.
LP Pae passed away on 10 February B.E. 2542 (C.E. 1999). People were so sad. Today, his body is well kept in the coffin for people coming to pay respect. Although he passed away many years ago, people still remember him. His fame about powerful amulets and being a good monk spread around Thailand and neighbors: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

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