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PBUPZ706 : 50% Off Phra Setthi NaWaKot (Buddha) (Wat Nah Phra Men, Ayudhaya province)
with Katha: Buddha_Master
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Size 4.5 cm x 10.5 cm
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Super power of 9 Phra Se-Tee NaWaKot statues in one cluster. ADD WEALTH ADD PROSPERITY

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Phra Set-Tee NaWaKot

From: Wat Nah Phra Men, Ayudhaya province
Color / Presented: Copper/ 9 Phra Se-Tee NaWaKot statues in
one cluster. Phra Set-Tee NaWaKot is making 9-face of millionaire in Buddha Era. Each face is a represent of millionaire.
There are list of 9 millionaires.
1) Taan TaNanChai Settee 2) Taan YasSa Settee
3) Taan SaMaNa Settee 4) Taan ChaTi SanSa Settee
5) Taan Anata Pindhika Settee 6) Taan Menda Settee
7) Taan ChoTika Settee 8) Taan SuMangkala Settee
9) Taan Wisaka Maha Ubasika Settee

Material: Old Nawa metal (NaWa Metal is the best material for making holy amulet)

Size: 4.5 cm x 10.5 cm

Origin: Thailand

Ceremony: This temple have been created this Buddha amulet and blessed properly by many holy monks of Thailand.

Purpose for making: This Buddha amulet made for require donation to
the temple.

Powerful: People believe that this image is very much associated to abundance and wealth luck.

Please have a look! Under the Buddha image have Yan scripted by an abbot. LP have been written one by one.

Wat Nha Phra Men has a formerly name that “Wat MayRuRaChiKaRam”. In the past, this temple was built for cremate of first part of Ayudhaya’s king. Moreover, in the legend record that Phra Aong Inn had built this temple in C.E.1503 (B.E.2046).
This temple is only one in Ayudhaya period which didn’t destroy by Mianmar. Also, this temple still be original architecture. It is the most perfect temple in Ayudhaya province.
Next, there was reconstruction in 3rd reign of Rattanakosin period and invite Green Buddha Image Stone in Tawarawadee reign from Wat MaHaThat at SanPetch Viharn(Viharn Noi). This Buddha image is one of five images which is in Thailand. This Buddha image has valuable for temple.

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