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PBUPZ6606 : Powerful Small Phra Phun Paen Prai Guman, Phet Nam Ek batch (Wat LaHaLaai, Rayong province )
with Katha: KP_LPTim_Prai
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Size 1.5 x 2.2 cm


Good Amulet to Collect!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Small Phra Phun Paen Prai Guman, gold brushed front

Code: 3908 (at bottom, written in Thai)

Batch (Roon): Phet Nam Ek (Paragon)

Year: 2557 B.E. (2014 C.E.)

From: Wat LaHaLaai, Rayong province

Origin: Thailand

Size: 1.5 x 2.2 cm

Material: herb and plant powder mixed with Phong Prai Guman (spiritual holy powder) of LP Tim Wat LaHanLaai, Rayong province who was a pioneer of Phong Prai Guman, regarded very powerful substance

**This amulet is called Phra Khun Paen Prai Guman.

Facts: Phra Khun Paen Prai Guman was first time created by LP Tim Wat LaHanLaai, Rayong province from spiritual holy powder called Phong Prai Guman. LP Tim made Phong Prai Guman by himself from herbs and plants mixed with baby ashes.

**Khun Paen Prai Guman is very powerful in protection, charm, luck and business. People who have worshiped found amazing experiences.

**This Phra Khun Paen Prai Guman was made by following LP Tim method and blessed by famous experienced guru monks in 2014 as follows:
1. LP Sin, Wat Lahanyai, Rayong province (best disciple of LP Tim Wat LaHanLaai)
2. LP Foo, Wat Bangsamak, Chachoengsao province
3. LP Chuan, Wat Khao Kaeo, Ang Thong Province
4. LP Hor, Wat Chum Saeng, Rayong province

Present: Front side has 2 Nang Kwak at both sides of Buddha and Prai Guman (boy spirit) under the Buddha. Backside has Rahoo and Yant, moreover embedded with a copper Takrut and pieces of ruby.

- Nang Kwak helps about business.
- Prai Guman attracts luck and windfalls.
- Rahoo is a god of good luck and wealth.
- Takrut is for good luck and Ruby is for wealth.

About LP Tim:

Date of Birth: Friday 16 June 2422 B.E. (1879 C.E.)
Ordination Date: 7 June 2449 B.E. (1906 C.E.)
Date of Death: 16 October 2518 B.E. (1975 C.E.) Total age: 96 years, 69 years in monkhood

Luangpu Tim is a timeless guru monk whom Thai people respect. LP Tim is regarded as a superb guru monk with strong contemplation of Thailand. LP Tim who was a pioneer of Phra Khun Paen Phong Prai Guman amulet from legendary spiritual holy powder called Phong Prai Guman made of herbs and plants mixed with baby ashes. This powder is regarded very powerful because LP Tim made and intensively blessed it with his very strong mind power.

LP Tim was a magical teacher of a monk who became a famous guru monk, LP Sakorn of Wat Nong Grab, Rayong Province. Today, amulets which LP Tim blessed are still popular and wanted by a lot of collectors.

LP Tim was a nephew of LP SungTao, Wat LaHanLaai. Luangpu SungTao was famous for his specialization in sorcery. He was also a founder of Wat LaHanLaai. When LP Tim was 17, his father brought him to LP Singha to learn reading and writing.

LP Tim got ordained as a monk on 7 June 2449 B.E. (1906 C.E.) by Prakru Kao of Wat Tub as his preceptor, Pra Ajarn Gate and Pra Ajarn Singha (his first teacher). After ordination, he stayed with Pra Ajarn Singha for one year. During that time, LP learnt meditation and magic from LP Singha. After that, LP Tim went on a pilgrimage walking past many provinces. He spent 3 years on a pilgrimage.

When LP Tim stayed at Wat LaHanLaai, the local monastic party assigned him to be the abbot of Wat LaHanLaai. He built many things in the temple such as the monk shelter, the sermon hall, the canteen, the chapel, etc. He also raised a new chapel which was finished within 1 year 3 months.
In 2483 B.E. (1940 C.E.), LP Tim allowed schooling to be done in the temple and also built the classroom. So, the children in the village could get education able to read and write. Besides, he led people to build the bridge so that people can cross the river.

LP Tim was a worshipful monk because he did not want things not belong to him, happy with whatever he got and his own dedication to follow the Buddha path. He lived simply and was punctual.

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Note: The real amulet may be different from picture. It is in good condition from temple.

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