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PBUPZ5708 : Superb Protect Phra Pidta Mekkasit Amulet, Roon Khum Sarp 115 Pi (LP SaNgiam, Wat Huay Chorakhe, Nakhon Pathom province)
with Katha: PT_Master
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Size 1.5 x 2.1 cm


Beautiful Style & Powerful

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Phra PidTa Amulet

From: Wat Huay Chorakhe, Nakhon Pathom province

Origin: Thailand

Batch Name (Roon): Khum Sarp 115 Pi (115 years of treasure trove)

Year: B.E. 2555 (C.E. 2012)

**Powerful: Phra Pidta by Wat Huay Chorakhe is famous for being invulnerable & protection from dangers, black magic, evil spirits and bad powers.

Material: holy metal called Mekkasit. Thai people believe that Mekkasit is a mixture of miraculous metals as powerful as Lek Lai protecting the owner from dangers and bad things.

Size: 1.5 x 2.1 cm

Purpose of making: proceeds for developing and restoring the temple Wat Huay Chorakhe

**Blessing Ceremony (Phuttha Phisek):
This Phra PidTa was blessed by LP Man Sujitto, a vice-abbot of Wat Huay Chorakhe who has good knowledge of mantra. Also LP SaNgiam, an abbot joined in blessing as the president of the ceremony in 2012.

About Temple:
Wat Huay Chorakhe is a well-known temple in Nakhon Pathom. This temple is famous for Phra PidTa
Pim Hu Kratai (Pim Hu Kratai: rabbit ear-shaped) first created by LP Nark who was the first abbot. This Phra PidTa by LP Nark is very strong in protection and being invulnerable. There is the big Phra PidTa Pim Hu Kratai image at the front of Wat Huay Chorakhe.

About Guru Monks:
LP Man Sujitto is a vice - abbot of Wat Huay Chorakhe, Nakhon Pathom. LP Man Sujitto received magical knowledge from important senior monks of Wat Huay Chorakhe for example LP Nark and LP SaNgiam.

1) LP Nark (1815 - 1909 C.E) (passed away) was the first abbot of Wat Huay Chorakhe. He was famous for holy ore Phra PidTa Pim Hu Kratai amulet which is excellent in protection, being vulnerable and charm. One interesting thing is that he inscribed Yant (holy characters) on every Phra PidTa amulet. What makes Phra PidTa by LP Nark so different from others is that LP Nark blessed the amulet underwater. Nowadays, Phra PidTa amulet by LP Nark is very rare and expensive.

2) LP SaNgiam (birth: 1949 C.E.) is an abbot of Wat Huay Chorakhe. He has developed Wat Huay Chorakhe in many ways. He is also a teacher of monks. His amulets are powerful.
In fact, LP Man Sujitto is a nephew of LP SaNgiam. He is the originator of Phra Jow Sua King Asian amulet which is good in wealth.

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Note: The real amulet may be different from picture. It is in good condition from temple.

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