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PBUPZ3517 : B.E.2537 Phra Kring Amulet - Token of Building the Multipurpose Pavilion Batch (LP Kham, Wat Wangwha, Rayong Province)
with Katha: PKR_Master
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Size 1.5 cm x 3 cm
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Superb Holy Amulet from Superb Guru Monk of Thailand - hard to find nowadays.

100% Authentic Guarantee from Temple

Name: Phra Kring Amulet

From: LP Kham, Wat Wangwha, Rayong Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Token of Building the Multipurpose Pavilion for Wat Khlong Jam Kar, Rayong Province

Year: B.E.2537 (C.E.1994)

Size: 1.5 cm x 3 cm

Material: This Buddha amulet is made of holy metal.

Purpose of Making: This Buddha amulet is made as a token of building the multipurpose pavilion for Wat Khlong Jam Kar in Rayong Province.

Ceremony: LP Kham intensively blessed this Buddha amulet by himself on the auspicious date and time.

Power: Phra Kring is a very auspicious amulet. Thai people believe Phra Kring can make the wishes of the wisher come true, bring wealth, good luck, prosperity, happiness and safety to the worshipper and also make the worshipper recover from illness or diseases.

Present: Inside the amulet has a tiny metal bead, so when you shake the amulet, you will hear the sound “Ging Ging”.

Biography of LP Kham:
LP Kham or Phra Mongkol Silajarn was born on the 20thOctober B.E.2440 (C.E.1897) at Rayong Province. When LP Kham was 11 years old, his father took LP Kham to study with LP Tri who was an abbot of Wat Wangwha, the nearest LP Kham’s house. After that, LP Kham studied magic from LP Lum of Wat Phaengchangphuek until LP Kham was 15 years old. Then LP Kham came back the house to help his parents working.
When LP Kham was 20 years old, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Wangwha on the 11th June B.E.2460 (C.E.1917). Then, LP Kham studied the meditation from LP To of Wat Khaogadon. After that, LP Kham came back to Wat Wangwha to develop the temple and help people recover from illness. In B.E.2464, LP Kham was an abbot of Wat Wangwha where LP Kham had been an abbot of Wat Wangwha about 76 years. LP Kham passed away on the 1st December B.E.2540 (C.E.1997) at the age of 100.
LP Kham’s amulets are very well known in Thailand because there is a lot of wondrousness by worshippers.

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