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LP Khwan, Wat Thab Yai Chiang, Phitsanulok ** Protect & Enrich

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Lucky Wan Jakkajan (Cicada Plant)
 A kind of psychedelic plant, the plant is on the soil, while the roots are underground. Instead, it has a shape that looks like a cicada, said occasionally it would become a cicada sounding from the underground again. It is amazing. Whoever owns it will give fortune, summon money, kindness, avoidance and warning as well.

Temple Activities

SERM DUANG: Coffin Merit Making (Donating Coffin to Non-relative Casualty)

SERM DUANG - SangKhaThan (Offering neccessary stuff to a monk)

No.131: Make Merit Support Infrastructure in Wat Pa Erawan (Thammayut)

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PBUPZ3148 : Wealth collection Phra Kring Wat Asogaram – The best Buddha amulet of wealth & health (Wat Asogaram, Samutprakarn province)
with Katha: PKR_Master
Stock Status Low in Stock   
(1 left in stock)
Size 1.8 cm x 3.5 cm
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Subtotal44.49 USD  


Good occasion for whoever wants get success and progression

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Phra Kring Wat Asogaram

From: Wat Asogaram, Samutprakarn province

Year: B.E.2542 (C.E.1999)

Material: this powerful amulet created from many holy metals.

Size: 1.8 cm x 3.5 cm

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: donate the money from amulet to develop and restore the buildings in temple.

Power: Thais believe Phra Kring amulet can bring wealth, success, progress, health and happiness to worshiper. Moreover, Phra Kring amulet can change bad thing to be good thing.

Ceremony: there were top monks around Thailand joined to bless Phra Kring amulet at Buddhist church of Wat Asogaram.

Biography of LP Lee:
Dhan Poh Lee or LP Lee of Wat ASoGaRam was a close disciple of Arjarn Mun Bhuridhatto who was a top 10 guru monks.
After LP Lee was gaining advanced knowledge from his guru. Dhan Poh Lee traveled a long way live in the deep jungle alone. He later finished miraculous Dhammain the jungle. He became one guru monk who could invite Buddha and Arahant holy. He conducted many times of the invitation of such the holy objects. LP passed away in C.E.1961.

History of Wat ASoGaRam:
Wat Asogaram is one of temple in Thailand. There is a formerly name that Wat NaMaeKhao. This temple built by LP Lee who was respect in Thai Buddhism. This temple was built on 16 October B.E.2499. This temple is very peaceful place. It is suitable for make meditation. Many people like to make meditation at this temple.

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Amulets by Wat Asogaram, Samutprakarn province

product detail / customize add to cart $44.49
Wealth collection Phra Kring Wat Asogaram – The best Buddha amulet of wealth & health
with Katha PKR_Master

Wat Asogaram, Samutprakarn province

product detail / customize add to cart $16.99
Holy Buddha Vibes! Phra Buddha Chinnarat amulet Uposatha brick powder - Burana Vihara’ batch
with Katha Buddha_Chinnarat

Wat Asogaram, Samutprakarn province

product detail / customize add to cart $35.99
Good Propitious Set of Phra Kring, Phra Chaiwat and LP Lee (total 3 pcs)
with Katha PKR_Master, Buddha_LPLee

Wat Asogaram, Samutprakarn province

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