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PBUPZ2944 : Wealth collection Somdej Phrayannasungworn coin – The best amulet of Progression & Wealth (Somdej Phrayannasungworn, Wat Bowornniwet Vihara Rajaworavihara (Wat Boworn), Bangkok)
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master
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Size 2.6 cm x 3.2 cm
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Great powerful amulet in beautiful design from excellent ceremony

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Somdej Phrayannasungworn coin

Batch: “96 years old of Somdej Phrayannasungworn”

From: Somdej Phrayannasungworn, Wat Bowornniwet Vihara Rajaworavihara (Wat Boworn), Bangkok

Material: this powerful amulet created from copper.

Year: B.E.2553 (C.E.2010)

Size: 2.6 cm x 3.2 cm

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: donate the money from amulet to builde Buddhist church of Wat Jatuthattharam

Ceremony: there werer top monks around Thailand joined to bless this powerful amulet at Buddhist church of Wat Bowornniwet in 3 October or auspicious day for long time

Powerful: Thais believe Somdaj Phra YanNaSungWorn Sangkharaj amulet has several such as bring wealth, progress, success and happiness to worshiper.

Presented: in front of the coin has Somdaj Phra YanNaSungWorn Sangkharaj’s pattern and in the back has symbol of King Rama IX.

History of Wat Bowornniwet:
Wat Bowornniwet Vihara Rajaworavihara (Wat Boworn ) is situated near the Wan Chart Bridge and Banglamphoo Market. Prince Mahasakdipolsep, vice-king of the Third Reign, ordered the construction of this temple along with Wat Rangsisuthawas and it was built between 1824 to1832. At first the temple was called Wat Mai, but when king Rama III invited the future King Rama IV, who was then a monk, to be abbot of the temple; the name was changed to Wat Bowornniwet Vihara. In the Six Reign Wat Rangsisuthawas, which was in poor condition, was incorporated into Wat Bowornniwet Vihara. Wat Boworn is the residence of members of the royal family who enter the monkhood. It has been the residence of many the supreme patriarchs of the Buddhist Church in Thailand, and it is the site of Mahamakut Rajavittayalai, Thailand's first Buddhist institution of the high education.

Biography of Somdaj Phra YanNaSungWorn:
Somdaj Phra YanNaSungWorn is the supreme patriarch of Thailand at present-time. Also, He is an abbot of Wat Boworn, Bangkok. He was borned on 3rd October 1913 at Kanchanaburi province. In 1926, the following year, his two uncles were to be ordained at Wat Devasangharam. His mother and his aunt, therefore, talked him into becoming a novice to fulfill their vows made years ago.He was novice at the age of 14 at Wat TaVaSungKaRarm. After 3 month he moved to Wat SaNaHa for studying Dharma and Samati until the age of 20 when he was finally ordained as a monk at Wat SaNaHa. After that, he moved to Wat Boworn for learning Dharma and Bali grammar. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. He eventually was to become the close disciple of “Somdaj Phra Sung Ka Rart Grom Ma Luang Wa Chi RaYan Na Sung Wa-ra” who was old Supreme Patriarch of Thailand. Somdaj Phra Yan Na Sung Wa-ra is well-know amulet collectors. He has deep knowledge of Visha and is highly respected in Thailand. It can be said that His Holiness' youth was devoted to studying and seeking knowledge. In addition to languages, he was eager to acquire other kinds of knowledge through books, both Thai and English. He did not restrict himself to only subjects on Buddhism but enjoyed reading books on general knowledge as well.

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