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LP Koon, Wat BahnRai, Nakhon Ratchasima **Safe & Prosperous

No.1379: LP Kan **charm, love, wealth, luck and protection

No.1372(1): LP Phrom **Auspiciousness & Protection

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PBUPZ1694a : Greatest Phra Pidta Ngoen Lan (LP Chamnarn, Wat Bang Kuthithong, Pathum Thani province)
with Katha: PT_Master
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Size 3.2 cm x 3.3 cm


Greatest of Wealthy & Lucky Phra Pidta Ngoen Lan

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Phra Pidta Ngoen Lan

From: LP Chamnarn, Wat BangGooTiTong, Pathum Thani province

Year: B.E.2552 (C.E.2009)

Origin: Thailand

Build: 3,884 pieces

Code: 2547

Size: 3.2 cm x 3.3 cm

Color: white

Material: This Buddha amulet was made from Phong Nga Chang (holy powder)

Purpose for Making: Donate the money from the Buddha amulets to develop and restore the buildings in poor temple.

Ceremony: There are 19 guru monks strongly blessed the Buddha amulet such as
1. Phra Phrom Sutee from Wat Saket
2. LP Perm from Wat Pom Kaeo
3. LP Poon from Wat Ban Pan
4. LP Uean from Wat Wang DaengTai
5. LP Pian from Wat Kroen Kathin
6. LP Udom from Wat PichaiSongKram
7. LP It from Wat ChulaManee
8. LP Boon from Wat Tung Hiang
9. LP PoonSup from Wat Ang Sila
10. LP Jur-ah from Wat klangbanggaew
11. LP Iat from Wat Pai Lom
12. LP Fu from Wat Bang Samat
13. LP Sao from Wat DongYaNang
14. LP Chai Thi Chot from Wat TrithotSa Thep
15. LP Cha-on from Wat Bang TaNai
16. LP Tio from Wat ManeeChonlaKhan
17. LP Phra MahaSurasak from Wat Pradu
18. LP Man from Wat NatanNok
19. LP Lumduan from Wat Soparam
Moreover, LP Chamnarn strongly blessed the Buddha amulet with special magic for a long time by himself.

Power: Phra Pidta Ngoen Lan of LP Chamnarn has superb power about bring great wealth, luck, success and good commerce to a worshiper. Besides, there is great power about fulfill the worshiper’s wishes.

Present: there is a piece of holy cloth inside the Buddha amulet that has supernatural power about wealth, luck and good commerce.

The history of LP Chamnarn:
LP Chamnarn was born in C.E.1972. LP Chamnarn’s father name is Mr. Chaood, mother name is Samniang of Pathum Thani province. LP was ordained at 19 July B.E. 2529 at Wat Bang Luang, Pathum Thani province.
LP liked Saiyasard from childhood, everyday when friends go to school; LP went to with an old person, the undertaker and whet when he was a novice with Thai and Mon masters and monks.LP stayed with LP Surin until LP Surin died. LP was ordained by LP Surin, the head abbot of Wat BangGuTiThong. In Guti of LP Chamnan, there are full of books from LP Surin. LP is Mon Phra that derives knowledge when LP is a novice. LP Chamnan can build the sacred and have a lot of power definitely.
LP is the Mon of Pathom in blood; there is no one who knew the Mon tradition as well as LP Chamnan. Nowadays, LP Chamnan is a head abbot of Wat BangGuTiThong that is counselor for many people. LP likes to solve other people’s problems. About LP Chamnan amulets are precious that can name them as sacred and miraculous.

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