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PBUPZ1629 : Rare & Power Phra Kring Jug Gar Pud Amulet - Trai Mart 50 Batch (LP Kui , Wat SubTakien, Petchaboon province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPKui
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Size 2.2 cm x 4.5 cm


Rare & Power Phra Kring Jug Gar Pud Amulet

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Phar Kring Jug Gar Pud amulet. Jug Gar Pud that means Emperor

Batch: Trai Mart 50

From LP Kui of Wat SubTakien, Petchaboon province.

Color: Gold

Material: Made of holy metal from cover of bowl or Baat (Buddhist monk's alms bowl). This Baat belong to Buddhist monks of Wat SubTakien Baat means

Origin: Thailand

Size: 2.2 cm x 4.5 cm

Year: C.E.2007 (B.E.2550)

Purpose for Making: Require donation of money for building toilet at Wat SubTakien.

Ceremony: This Buddha amulet made follows to the South magic book therefore his Buddha amulet no sound. LP Kui blessed properly this Buddha amulet by three month. LP Kui is one of the famous guru monk who has been created good Phra Kring amulets and very popular among Thai amulets collectors.

Power of this amulet: People believed that who worships this Buddha image will achieve good health, longevity, safety and long career.
Presented: Under the amulet have code and Thai word “Raai” mean rich. No sound.

Biography of LP Kui:

LP Kui was born on 20 May 1921 at Petchaboon province. At the age of 12 year, his father dies. LP was novice for gratitude his father. After finished cremate a father. His mother request him to leave the Monkhood but he did not agree. After that, LP went to Wat Changpeuk for the Buddhist Lent, where LP Kui became a disciple of LP Tob in order to dedicate himself to learning holy disciplines and Buddhist supernatural powers from LP Tob. LP Kui is only one who succeeds in making the TaKrut, Yahn scripted and magical from LP Tob who has demonstrated an exquisite spirituality and incredible Buddhist supernatural powers. LP Kui had studied magical knowledge from LP Tob more than 6 years until LP had developed a clear understanding of these matters and was adept at performing them.

LP Kui was ordained at the age of 22 at Wat SeeMongKol. Until two yers LP moved to Wat Changpeuk again for continued studying magical knowledge such as Thai, Myanmar, and Khmer. LP has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. LP whet also called “Tudong” that is monk’s journey, to Northeast, Lao, Combodia to gather knowledge, build up good Karma, and to know the teaching of Buddha. LP Koon is a very famous guru monk in Thailand. His amulet is very famous in protection and wealth.

Nowadays, LP Kui is very old. LP is 88 years old. However, LP has good memory and good mind. Even though, LP Lamai of SuanSamunprai Buddhist place, which has 103 years old, had respected LP Kui very much.

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