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PBUPZ1228 : Phra Sivali -Bring Money and Prosperity Power (LP Phromma,Wat NumPoo, Uthaithanee province.)
with Katha: Sivali_LPPhromMa
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Size 1 cm.x 4 cm.
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Power’s Phra Sivali who offers money and prosperity

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Phra Sivali blessing on the next step of the monk

From: LP Phromma,Wat NumPoo, Uthaithanee province.

Presented: Phra Sivali is standing, right hand with a stick and left hand carries an umbrella as Tudong monk.

Color: Black

Year: C.E.2008 (B.E. 2551)

Materials: Metal

Size: 1 cm.x 4 cm.

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: LP made this Buddha amulet for helping people because Phra Sivali, the main point is to bring luck and wealth for the objectives in building.

Making this Buddha amulet is joining donation at the temple.

Ceremony: LP created and blessed properly this magic amulet.

Powerful: This magic amulet can bring great luck, great protection, bring prestige, bring Metta (great kindness), and clean black magic. With full of abundant and flourish of money. Phra Sivali can help you in happiness, wealth and proper.

The secret for worshipping with ultimate outcomes: You should bring a can and place it on your bed, and bring coin or bank as your desire and pray Katha Phra Sivali and beg from him until finish and put the money into the can for other donations.

Biography of LP Phromma:
LP Phromma is the heir of LP Krua Sang, Somdej Toh’s Ajarn in Thailand. LP Toh used to study with LP Krua Sang who predicted that in the future LP Toh will be prosperous and to be well-known in Ratanakosin . When LP Toh’s dying, the book of LP Krua Sang has led to Somdej Phra Phutthabat Pilan of Wat Rakang and LP gave to LP Phoo of Wat Intararam. Finally, it was given to LP Aaew after that LP Phromma went to study with LP Aaew. While studying, LP will give LP Phromma recited all the time. After the dead of LP Aaew, the book was disappearing. So LP Phromma is the only one who used to study this book.
The name of LP Phromma is so bright in the magic, khatha and so on. For example, one day there is a man floating by the boat, coming to see LP Phromma for sek holy water. LP gave him from the water from the Bath. Without pluk sekking , he will pour out of the water to the river, but the holy water is not out , LP saw and said that “Do you want to pour out my holy water?” He replied that it cannot out. LP said that try once? When in the eyes of LP, the water is out easily.

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