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PBUOS49 : Rare Collection Set of LP Liew amulets – “Ruam Phuttha Khun” Batch (LP Liew, Wat RaiTangThong, Nakhon Pathom Province)
with Katha: TT_LPLiew
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Size LP Liew with LP Koon coin is diameter 4 cm
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Subtotal 405.99 USD


Don’t miss auspicious time to worship great powerful amulet by great monk.


Name: Set of LP Liew amulets

Batch: “Ruam Phuttha Khun”

From: LP Liew, Wat RaiTangThong, Nakhon Pathom Province

Year: B.E.2538 (C.E.1995)

Material: LP Liew coins and Hamuman amulets created from holy metals. Moreover, Locket LP Liew created from enamel.

Origin: Thailand

Size: LP Liew with LP Koon coin is diameter 4 cm, Buddha amulet coin is diameter 2.5 cm, Phra Phikhanet coin is 2.5 cm x 3.5 cm, locket LP Liew is 2.8 cm x 3.5 cm and Hanuman amulet is 1.4 cm x 2.5 cm

Ceremony: LP Liew and LP Koon from Wat Ban Rai joined to bless these amulets in this batch on 28 September 1995 at Wat Sai Thong Phattana.

Purpose for making: donate the money from amulet to develop and restore the buildings in temple.

Power: Thai believe LP Liew amulet is the best of wealth, success good business and fortune. On the other hand, there is excellent of protection too.

Presented: there are 5 powerful amulets in this set that consist of
1. LP Liew with LP Koon coin
2. Phra Kaeo coin
3. Phra Phikhanet coin
4. Locket LP Liew
5. Hanuman amulet

According of Wat Sai Thong:
Wat Sai Thong or Sai Thong temple is one of temple that LP Liew created since he had life. LP Liew created Wat Sai Thong in B.E.2520 (C.E1977) at Kanchana Buri province that spent 5 years to build. Then in B.E.2525 (C.E.1982), LP Liew went to Nakhon Phathom province to build Wat RaiTangThong. LP Liew was the abbot of Wat RaiTangThong since 15 December 1992 until 5 December 1997, LP Liew went in homeland at Ratchaburi province because LP Liew said he want to pass away in his homeland. LP Liew passed away in 4 September 2000.

Biography of LP Liew:
LP Liew PanNaGo was born in C.E.1905 at Ratchaburi Province, Thailand.
When he was young, he escaped from his house to study a magical knowledge with Karen Arjan.
He was ordained at the age of 27. He studied Pa Ya Tow knowledge from LP Yon at Wat Baan Kong Yai, Ratchaburi Province. Afterwards, he was very successful in this knowledge and recite incantations the first Pa Ya Tow in 1973. The Pa Ya Tow helps in dangerous protection, beloved, trading and good luck. So, the Pa Ya Tow (King Turtle) became the symbol of LP Piew.
Besides, he also recite incantations many famous of amulets. LP has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. LP is the guru monk who makes the Pa Ya Tow (King Turtle) amulets. LP Liew has knowledge many Phra Ajahn in Thailand. LP Liew was passed away on 4 September B.E.2543.

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