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PAMTK95 : Rare Takrut Phra Opakut Ootpeun - "Maha Pratthana" Batch (LP Hong, Wat Petchburi, Surin Province )
with Katha: TK_LPHong_Opakut

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Size 4 cm length


Top of protection from danger and bad thing

Name: Takrut Phra Opakut Ootpeun.

Phra OPaKut is a very famous Phra A-Ra-Hunt in Indian.
The record showed that Phra OPaKut appear after Lord Buddha pass away 200 year. Phra OPaKut is highly respected in Indian, Burma, Thai, Cambodian and Laos. He has been deep knowledge of Visha and expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way.

Batch: Maha Pratthana (fulfill the wish)

From: LP Hong, Wat Phetburi, Surin province

Material: Phra OPaKut amulet made from holy metal, is sitting on bullet. Inside this TaKrut have LP Hong’s betel.

Color: Copper and brass

Origin: Thailand

Year: 21 May B.E2548 (C.E.2005)

Size: 4 cm length

Purpose for making: LP Hong has been made this amulet that require donation of money for building the Buddhism Museum.

Ceremony: 1. Phutthapisek- Tavapisek and Pikanayjatulatep Ceremony on 21 May B.E2548 by LP Hong
2. Pray worship masterday of B.E.2548

Power: People believe that this amulet has power in protecting the owner from black magic, evil, danger and any bad things.

According to LP Hong, this TaKrut is highly efficacious for protection from danger, and any bad thing. Make your mind calm. Think of all your goodness that you done and focus all your faith to the amulet with Katha 12 times

Biography of LP Hong:
LP Hong was born on Thursday 24 March B.E. 2460, Surin province. In a childhood, LP’s name is Suwanhong Jamuadee. His father’s name is Bok, his mother’s name is Uun, and they are rice field farmers. LP has 8 brothers and sisters. LP was the oldest and had an ordained at 18 years old. LP’s name is Samnen Phromsorn. When LP is 20 years old is a monk at Wat Petchburi, Tumbon Toongmon, Amphur Prasart, Surin province.

After ordained only 3 months, LP whet to Srisakes and going to Kampuchea. When LP went into Kampuchea, LP met many Ajarn. With the loneliness and self-sufficient of LP made other Ajarn taught LP with kindness and taught LP in all science such as protecting harmness, harm proof, gun, spear, Chang sur-ah, wax, Khun sai, making holy water. Resident on wood and study all of knowledge.

LP Hong Yudong to Kampuchea for 30 years and then came back at Wat Petchburi as a head abbot. The Kampuchean knew and paid respect to him so much.

LP was Phra tudong with solitude so LP was not staying at the same place so farewell to the relatives for Tudong. LP likes planting forest, ponds, building bridges and donating to the foundation as usual without LP’s own. LP sacrifices to everything.

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