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PAMTK647 : Protect Collection Set of 6 Takrut Luang Pu Phaeo – “Trimas 50” Batch (LP Phaeo, Wat Pracha Raj BamRoong, Nakhon Pathom province)
with Katha: TK_LPPhaeo, Buddha_LPPhaeo

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Size Big Takrut 1 x 8 cm/ Medium Takrut 0.7 x 6 cm/ Small Takrut 0.5 x 3 cm/ LP Phaeo amulet diameter 4.8 cm/ Box 9.8 x 10.2 cm
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The Best of Harm Protection & Good Fortune

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Set of 6 Takrut Luang Pu Phaeo

Batch: “Trimas 50”

From: LP Phaeo, Wat Pracha Raj BamRoong, Nakhon Pathom province

Year: B.E.2550 (C.E.2007)

Origin: Thailand

- Takrut are made of brass, silver, copper and holy metal Yant sheet.
- The big Takrut is filled with LP Phaeo’s great blessed power.
- LP Phaeo amulet (with rear Buddha Luang Pho Mongkol Nimit) is made of holy powder.

Size: Big Takrut 1 x 8 cm/ Medium Takrut 0.7 x 6 cm/ Small Takrut 0.5 x 3 cm/ LP Phaeo amulet diameter 4.8 cm/Box 9.8 x 10.2 cm

Ceremony: there were 108 top monks in Thailand joined to bless these amulets
on 13 October C.E.2007 such as
1. LP Yam from Wat Sam Ngam
2. LP Phaeo from Wat Pracha Raj BamRoong
3. LP Jur-ah from Wat klangbanggaew
4. LP Huan from Wat Phutthaisawan
5. LP Tim from Wat Phra Khaow
6. LP Poon from Wat Ban Pan
7. LP Maen from Wat Nah Tang Nok and other.

Purpose of making: donate the money from amulets to build pavilion for keeping LP Monkol Nimit statue at Wat Charoen Rajbumroon.

Power: the bis Takrut is Takrut Solot Mongkol that mean 16 auspiciousness of Buddha’s teaching. People believe this Takrut is the best to drive out the obstacle.

There are 5 Yant in Takrut Solot Mongkol such as
1. Yant Baramee 30 That that is weapon of Buddha has superb power about powerful and protection.
2. Yant Arwoot 5 Prakran, this Yant has superb power about protect wearer from ghost and bad spirit.
3. Yant Solot Mongkol that is incantation for blessing this Takrut that has superb power about fulfill worshiper’s wish.
4. Yant Trinisinghae, this Yant has superb power about protect worshiper from black magic and ghost.
5. Yant Jaturo, this Yant has superb power about lucky and auspiciousness.

When take 5 Yant together will happen the great powerful Takrut that LP Phaeo put holy powder that took from LP Ruesi LingDum in Takrut to increase powerful. Moreover, LP Phaeo strongly blessed this Takrut for 3 months and in finally blessing LP Phaeo with top 108 monks joined to bless again. If you would like to worship this Takrut, you should not do badness and should do goodness. If you can do, Takrut will fulfill your every wish. This Takrut can protect worshiper from bad thing, black magic, harms from disaster and weapon.

The medium Takruts
Takrut Khu Chevit 2 items that has many excellent powers such as making wearer to be more charming, attraction and appeal. In addition, there is excellent of wealth and good business too.

Takrut Sam Krasat Na Maha Baramee:
LP Phaeo allowed Wat Charoen Raj Bumroong to created Takrut Sam Krasat Na Maha Baramee that has 3 Takruts in set.

1. Brass Takrut that has Yant Dok Khong Kraphan that LP Phaeo studied from LP Glun from Wat Phaya Yat. This Takrut has superb power about protection and invulnerable.
2. Silver Takrut that has Yant Na Ruecha that LP Phaeo studied from LP Cham of Wat Takhlong. This Takrut is the best of auspiciousness, good business and fortune.
3. Copper Takrut that has Yant Trinisinghae, this Yant has superb power about protect worshiper from black magic and ghost.

LP Phaeo amulet with LP Monkol Nimit has several superb powers such as bring success, wealth, good fortune and business to worship. On the other hand, there is excellent of protection.

Biography of LP Phaeo:
LP Phaeo is kindness monk that there are many people in Nakhon Pathom province respect LP Phaeo. The amulets of LP Phaeo have several supernatural experiences especial about protection. People in Nakhon Pathom province call LP Phaeo is “god of Kam Phaeng Saen”. LP Phaeo was born in 7 October C.E.1923 at Nakhon Phathom province. When LP Phaeo was 20 years old, he was ordained at Wat Nong Pla Lai when 27 June 1943. When C.E.1981, he studied the meditation with LP Doon who was meditation expert and top monk in Thailand.

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