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PAMTK476c : Greatest! Takrut Hua Jai Suea Saming - Thep Bandan Sap Batch (KB Subin ,Wat Thong Sa-ad,Pathum Thani province)
with Katha: TI_KBSubin
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Size 0.7 cm x 5.1 cm
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Greatest! Takrut Hua Jai Suea Saming – protection the bad things, black magic and evils from worshiper

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Takrut Hua Jai Suea Saming

Batch: Thep Bandan Sap (wealth)

From: KB Subin ,Wat Thong Sa-ad,Pathum Thani province

Color: silver, brown and white

Material: There are many holy objects for making this amulet such as
1. A skin of tiger that has special pattern
2. The holy powders that putted in Takrut
3. The silver Takrut that name is “Takrut Phaya Suea Saming”

Size: 0.7 cm x 5.1 cm

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: Kruba Subin require donation from this amulet for developing the temple. In addition, LP wants his spirit help the owner to get good luck.

Ceremony: KB Subin studied a magic of Takurt Suea Saming and Takrut Kao Chakkrawan from “Poh Nan DuangTa” who was a disciple of KB Srivichai, AJ ThaoThongDee (Cambodian). Moreover, KB Subin awfully blessed with Hua Jai Suea Saming incantation from Lanna method into a special tiger’s skin.

Powerful: This Takrut has many superb powers such as protection the bad things, dangers and invulnerable. Moreover, there is the great power about bringing wealth, luck, success and power to worshiper.

Biography of KB Subin:
Kruba Subin Sumaythaso was Buddhist Novice of Wat SeePaDoo, Chiang Mai province. LP has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. LP ordained at the age of 20 at Wat BanPay, Chiang Mai province. LP studied meditation and magic from many Guru Monks of Thailand. KB was a disciple LP Duang who was an expert of support luck magic. Moreover, KB Subin learned many magic such as “Visha Thian Maha Setthi Pan Yang” (holy candle magic) from KB In- Gaow of Wat PahNgae. Learning “Visha Hua Jai Suea Saming” from KB Noi, Wat Ban Pong. Learning the magic of “Thep Si Hu Ha Ta” from KB Chaiyawong. Studied a magic of invulnerable from “Phra Kru SiriSupajarn, Wat Pa Khu”. Learned a charming and change the bad fortune magic form AJ Suwan who is the charming magic expert. KB Subin learned the way to create “Takrut Kao Chakkrawan” and “Takrut Suea Saming” from “Poh Nan DuangTa” who was a disciple of KB Srivichai, AJ ThaoThongDee (Cambodian). KB Subin learned the magic of charm and treatment from AJ Buh Bu Ong (Cambodian) and AJ Sathu (Karens). Moreover, KB Subin studied inscription the holy tattoo from AJ Yoki Khrao Lek (a magical expert from Khao Oo).

Now, Kruba Subin is an abbot of Wat Thong Sa-ad, Lat Lum Kaeo, Pathum Thani province. He is very highly respected in Thailand and abroad.

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