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PAMPZ486 : Protect Collection Phra Khan Dam Fak Kaen Mai ChingChang – “Charoen Suk” Batch (LP Plueang Wat Lat Yao Nakhon Sawan province)
with Katha: Meed_Master
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Size 1.5 cm x 10 cm
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Great of Protection & Powerful

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Phra Khan Dam Fak Kaen Mai ChingChang

Batch: “Charoen Suk” (Happiness)

From: LP Plueang Wat Lat Yao Nakhon Sawan province

Material: the sheath made from “Mai ChingChang” (holy tree) and Meed Moh made from “Lek Nam Phee” (holt metal).

Year: B.E.2553 (C.E.2010)

Size: 1.5 cm x 10 cm

Build: 199 items

Code: 72

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making:
1. Donate the money from amulets to LP Plueang foundation and build the hall of
LP Phuang at Wat Lat Yao.
2. Donate the money from amulets to build “Ubosot” at Wat Sa Kaeo.
3. Donate the money from amulets to restore the buildings in Wat Liam Chanin.

Ceremony: There were two grand ceremonies to bless these amuleta in this batch such as:
1. LP Plueang strongly blessed in 20 March C.E.2010 or “Sao 5” by himself for long time at Wat Lat Yao.
2. LP Plueang strongly blessed in 29 April C.E.2010 by himself for long time at Wat Lat Yao.

Powerful: Meed Moh by LP Plueang has several supernatural powers such as protect a worshipper from dangerous, bad things and black magic. In addition, there is great power about making a worshipper to be invulnerable.

Presented: there is specific way to use this exorcist’s knife such as
1. For protection should put all knife in sheath and keep with you.
2. For Good business and Wealth should lay out some part of sheath.

Biography of LP Plueang:
Luang Pu Plueang is the most well-know in Thailand, the present he is 107 years old and some people call Luang Pu Plueang is “Luang Pu Ha Phaendin” because LP has very long life. When LP was Buddhist novice lived and learned the incantations from LP Suk Wat Pak Makham Thao Chai Nat province. Then LP Plueang became a monk by Somdet Phra Wana Rat (Heng Khema Chari) was the preceptor at Wat Suthat. After that LP Plueang learned the incantation from Somdetphrasangkharat Phae (Buddhist supreme patriarch of the Buddhist priests) that learned incantation of Luang Pho Toh then went to Nakhon Sawan province for learning the incantation about the magic medal from Luang Pu Phuang Wat Nong Kradon that the present the medal from LP Phuang is very expensive. There are many people respect LP Plueang because LP has the sacred speech and sacred the amulets.

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